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Small apartment: subtle changes renew the decor of the room

Decorating a small apartment room requires creativity and planning when choosing objects.

According to data released by the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry, in 2022 there was an increase of 30% in the sale of small properties throughout Brazil. The reasons for the growth of this number are several., but include financial issues and adopting a new lifestyle.

For smaller spaces, to decoration it is a fundamental aspect, as it helps to bring more personality. However, Anyone who thinks that decorating a small apartment room is an easy task is wrong.. In these environments, it is necessary to have organization and planning when choosing the right objects to redesign the place, without compromising the circulation and functionality of the room.

Items like decorative frames, mirrors, plants and some furniture can help renew the look of the apartment's living room in a subtle way. The objects are also good options for those who live on rent and cannot make major changes to the property..

Decorative frames add more personality to the room

The paintings are decorative objects that help to bring a new identity to the room.. Currently, the market has different models and sizes that manage to please all tastes.

depending on the style, it is possible to express a new personality to the room. more colorful frames, for example, bring joy to the room, making you more relaxed.

The advantage of this adornment is that it can be used in different ways in smaller environments.. The most traditional way is to hang the pictures on the wall., can be with nails or self-adhesive tapes.

It is also possible to place the paintings on shelves., furniture and even on the floor. This is a trend in decoration that is increasingly explored by those who want to incorporate objects into the environment.. In the room, this item is normally placed above the sofa, but it can also be used in access corridors or on the rack, next to the television.

There are no rules when choosing decorative paintings for the environment. However, it is important that the object expresses the personality of the residents and matches the other items in the environment.

It notes that, in addition the frames, there are other decorative objects that can be used in the room to customize the environment. Things, organizers, ornaments and rugs are some examples.

Furniture helps to make the room more functional and attractive.

Furniture is essential in a living room.. However, when it comes to small apartments, the choice of these objects becomes crucial.

armchair for living room, sideboards, coffee table and shelf can be used in spaces with few films. the trick, in these cases, is to analyze the size and make sensible choices, not to leave the place with too much furniture, no need. When furniture is chosen correctly, is it possible to have a functional room, harmonic and visually attractive.

If the desire is to invest in an armchair, it is necessary to analyze the measurements of the object. A trend is to replace sofas with more cozy armchairs.. In this case, two or more pieces are used and a table beside it to bring charm to the decoration.

In addition, functional furniture like sofa bed, folding tables and poufs with chests can also be useful, since they have more than one function, optimizing space and offering storage space. It notes that, when choosing living room furniture, it is important to look for items that make sense for the routine and personality of the residents.

Mirrors enlarge the room

Just like the frames, the mirrors they can also renovate the look of the living room of a small apartment. An important point of these objects is that they have the ability to enlarge the environment, a very useful aspect for rooms with smaller footage.

For this, they need to be used strategically. One of the most common ways is to place them in locations that reflect other spaces., such as facing the sofa or the hallway.

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In addition, mirrors can also have different frames and shapes. this detail, in addition to providing more breadth, It also adds personality to the room.. Currently, there are mirrors that take up the entire wall, with organic formats, table, with structured frames, with base of support, among others.

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Plants add a splash of color to the room.

If the objective is to bring more color and elements of nature to smaller film rooms, plants can help. To spread vases of plants around the room is a way to fill in empty spaces and make the environment more decorated.

However, Care must be taken when placing plants in the room., not to leave the place without circulation. It is possible to use shelves, bookshelves and even an empty space next to the sofa. But if there is no place available, the tip is to invest in small plants or even a vertical garden on the wall.

To bring more harmony to the room, the vases need to match the other decor elements. Currently, it is possible to find these objects with different models and colors, some can even be personalized with phrases and drawings.

In addition, It is important to pay attention to the plant species chosen, due to the needs and care of each one. Some plants need light all day long., while others need airy places, but with shadows. before choosing them, it is essential to pay attention to the characteristics of the room and the availability to care. If there is no time to invest in plants or flowers, the suggestion is to bet on artificial plants. The variety of models is huge and many are as realistic as the originals., being able to bring the desired touch to the environment, without needing special care.

Text prepared by the Experta team.


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