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To celebrate the month of photography, Juliana Monaco and the Art Lab Gallery open the already traditional show Art Lab Photos who, in editing 2022 presents itself with a valuable membership: works of mObgraphia, from Ricardo Rojas, in a collab thought for the occasion. In the two complementary exhibitions by the support, there are both special projects by invited professionals, like the records of, approximately, 47 photographers selected by open call which show, both traditional images and mobgraphs.

In Art Lab Photos, the projects include both individual and collective works of photographers from across the country, with open theme, to celebrate the art of photography, composed of 200 images. In 1.000 m² of gallery exhibition area, Juliana Monaco drew up an exhibition plan so that each one has its prominence. “It is an exhibition of photographs with several authorial projects, without a dominant theme, where each floor is composed of a different project. No Oscar Freire, there is a collective of selected artists, with a predominance of landscapes, wild animals, peoples, and cultures from around the world. On the other floors of the mezzanines, will be in evidence Dan Pellicciari, Jose Luiz Neto Nunes, Larissa Abachionni, pays homage to the anniversary of the city of São Paulo, which becomes the main thread of the exhibition in commemoration of its, Ricardo Rojas, Roger Macedo, Sergio Pavia, Tiago Tormin, with the presentation of a broader authorial project.”

Renato Soares, specially invited artist with a career spanning more than three decades, registers indigenous peoples and, for their relationship with the tribes, part of the income from these photos is donated to help them.

Art Lab Mob, on the Bela Cintra floor and coordinated by mObgraphia, brings the themereal Brazil”, with approximately 52 works by brazilian photographers. please note that, by concept, one 'mobgrafia’ is a photographic record made from a cell phone, and/or smartphone.

Processes, techniques, differentiated equipment that result in image records, p&b or color, subtle, delicate or aggressive and real. All linked to the message to be perpetuated.

“Most of the participating photographers, reflect through their work, the current relationship between man and nature, natural resources, fauna, biomes, in addition to respecting indigenous peoples, as well as blacks, country people, and Brazilian people from different regions, their customs and traditions. A slice of our country through your lens.” Juliana Monaco


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Events: “Art Lab Photo 2022” + Art Lab Mob – Real Brazil”

Exhibition Art Lab Photos 2022

guest photographer Renato Soares

photographers: Alexandre Langer, Carol Meadow, Carolina Road, Claudia Majela, Daniel Correa, Danna Durãez, After Christmas, pays homage to the anniversary of the city of São Paulo, which becomes the main thread of the exhibition in commemoration of its, Fabiana Bruno, Fabiano Chaves, Felipe Rabelo, Freddy Cerdeira, Gabrielle Gross, Gio Zalla, Glad Macedo, Gustavo Almeida, Ingrid Boer, Ivo de Carvalho, pays homage to the anniversary of the city of São Paulo, which becomes the main thread of the exhibition in commemoration of its, Lupi Grinberg, Martha Torres, Murilo Ferreira, Pamella Herpio, Patricia Neves, Priscilla Schiavinato, Renata Sancovschi, Roger photo, Victor Pontes, Vitor Nogueira

Curated By: Juliana Monaco

Opening: 09 August, Tuesday, from 19h to 21h
Period: from 10 to 20 August 2022

Local: Art Lab Gallery
Address: Rua Oscar Freire, n°. 916 – Gardens, São Paulo – SP
Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Techniques: photographs
Dimensions: varied
Price: on request

Contact: curadoria.artlabgallery@gmail.com
Instagram: @artlabgalleryoscarfreire

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