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Curitiba band Sincopé. Photo: Disclosure.

Curitiba Sincopé band launches CD in the theater in Madeira Island

The band Curitiba Sincopé makes show of release of the album "puzzle" this weekend, days 9 and 10, at 8:30 pm, in the theater of the Armory. Composed of 15 new songs, the album is the result of eight years of musical exchanges, with mature and unusual arrangements.

Composed by Isaac Days (violão, fiddle, Guitar), Gabriela Bruel (Viola caipira, low, percussion), Erica Silva (electric bass, Guitar, percussion and voice), Leo Cardenas (battery, percussion) Ernesto Bermúdez (voice, transverse flute), the band has a creative training, in which each Member performs more of an instrument. The Group also has developed a way of arranging and composing, giving vent to new ways to experience musical activities together.

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On his show, Sincopé presents unique themes with irreverent arrangements, using unusual instruments and percussion. The themes for the urban universes and sentimental stroll, as well as the critical contemplation of subjects as the human loneliness and passion.

In its path, the band has participated in various festivals: FEMUCIC, Festival of the song of Maringá in 2007, Culture Festival of the Federal University of Paraná, Music workshop of Curitiba and WebFest Valda 2012, in Rio de Janeiro. In the latter, the group reached the second place overall among 500 registered and Member Natalia Bermúdez received the award for vocalist revelation.


The CD release show “Puzzle”, Sincopé band
Local: Paiol Theater-Guido Viaro Square, s/nº
Dates and times: 9 and 10 October 2015 (Friday and Saturday), at 8:30 pm

Tickets: R$ 20 and $ 10 (half price)



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