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Campus Party 2022 from Brazil will have one of the smartest men in the world talking about intelligence

Dr. Fabiano de Abreu, member of Mensa, Intertel, Triple Nine Society and human behavior scientist is one of the confirmed speakers

after editing 2021 in virtual format, to Campus Party open 2022 with the expectation of bringing together thousands of people passionate about science and technology in the new edition of the event. If, on the one hand, last year's event was attended by more than 700 thousand people on digital platforms, on the other hand, expectations are high for the resumption of face-to-face meetings this new year. The expectation of the organizers is for the public record in the cities where the meeting will be held., can reach more than 300 thousand people circulating through these spaces.

One of the speakers will be the Doctor of Neurosciences, biologist with several other trainings, Dr. Fabiano de Abreu, which is part of 4 high IQ people societies, including Mensa International and Intertel and was recently approved by TNS, Triple Nine Society, that only those who obtain percentile can enter 99.9 in professional IQ tests.

The scientist will talk about topics of his studies that are published in several scientific journals, among them about excessive social networks make people less intelligent, the limit of games, the neuroanatomy of the brain and regions related to intelligence, how to get smarter doing brain neuroplasticity, among other related topics.

The neuroscientist is a member of the Society for Neuroscience of the United States., of the European Federation of Neuroscience and the Brazilian Society of Neurosciences and Behavior. in technology, specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Programming in Python and it's IPI Intel, hardware manufacturer company.

The Campus Party will take place on the days 15 and 20 February, at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, in São Paulo, in addition to the other editions of Brasilia, in the days 9 and 13 March, Goiânia, between 15 and 19 June and Recife, during the month of september. The event will have the post-pandemic period as one of the main focuses.

The event, which has hosted big names like Buzz Aldrin, Sharron McPherson, Don Tapscott, Edward Snowden, Al Gore, Vint Cerf, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall, Steve Wozniak, Paulo Coelho and Stephen Hawking, already announced for the upcoming edition Marcelo Lacerda, co-founder of Terra Networks, from F.biz, da Blue Telecom, of Magnopus and a member of the board of several organizations; Larissa Costa Coelho, Founder of the ISQV Institute, Graduated in Advanced Clark Therapy Methodology, method that revolutionized the vision of health, among many others.

There are possibilities for the event to take place in Portugal this year, organizers said they are still in the negotiation phase for it to be the biggest technology event in the country.

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