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Hot spots of SP, House-museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 artworks. Photo Henry Light.
Hot spots of SP, House-museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 artworks. Photo Henry Light.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin invites the public to be a chronicler of its time

The idea is for people to express, through art, your feelings in that singular period

We live a pandemic moment unprecedented in our recent history. So that the public can express their thoughts about this unique moment, the educative of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin, on the museum's social media, the activity #What are you looking for?.


The action invites the public to become a Chronicler of their Time and send drawings, paintings, poetry, photographs, collages, short videos, or any other form of expression about the current reality. The goal is to express ideas, thoughts, feelings. The production will be published on virtual platforms, generating dialogues and exchanges. Children and adults can participate just send your art to: educativo@emaklabin.org.br

According to the museum's educational coordinator, Cristiane Alves, to raise public awareness, works by great artists who were also chroniclers of their time were gathered.

“This month's schedule features works that transcend your time, immortalizing social and political contexts that motivated its production. Belonging to the Ema Klabin Collection, the engravings of the series “War Disasters” by Francisco de Goya, chronicle the war and its horrors, while the album “Balada do Terror e 8 Variations ", of contemporary artist Maria Bonomi, recalls torture during the Brazilian civil-military dictatorship and the Enivo artists, Mag Magrela and Rafael Rayashi, participants of the Backdrop Grafite series, deal with contemporary struggles, that involve racial issues, social and gender”, explains Cristiane. According to her, these works will be part of a video that will be on the museum's social networks from the day 14 September.

In addition, there will be a lot of music on the museum's social networks. Both remembering artists who have performed at Musical Afternoons and videos with unpublished performances.

This month's unpublished songs will be from two shows held in 2019 on the premises of the House-Museum. Daniel murray (violão), who brought as guests Adriana Holtz (cello) and Ari Colares (percussion), and presented songs composed by authors from São Paulo. And the show To Men, com Linna Karo, who released his first solo album, in a presentation full of theatricality and beautiful arrangements.

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Highlight in September, on the museum's social networks, full shows of artists who participated in the Tardes Musicais Program, such as: Maria Ó and Gato Preto. In addition to an unprecedented performance recorded by a guitarist directly from his residence, in partnership with Guitar and Ponto.

And it is also possible to honor the last live of the series "Encounter with Writers" that brings Fabiana Vans Dias, mediated by Paloma Durante.

To make virtual visits to the beautiful Casa-Museu Paulista just access Google Arts & Culture no link: artsandculture.google.com/partner/fundacao-ema-klabin. Or through the digital tool Explore, the museum site: emaklabin.org.br/explore

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