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Cibele Alves Rodrigues – Contemporary Art, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Cibele Alves Rodrigues – Contemporary Art, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

In my journey through Art, I have known many artists, and today I will present one which I believe to be an emerging talent: Cybele Alves Rodrigues.

Following presentation of the Visual Artist:

My nome é Cibeles Alves Rodrigues, I was born in São Paulo, Brasil, and I am a professional Marketing and Communications, that has been revealed as a self-taught artist.

Throughout my career, developed several projects in the area of ​​education and culture, e a Pintura, arose from a spontaneous, qhen I started communicating Arts on Facebook, because I believe that through the good and Beauty, help to raise people's awareness.

As if by magic, I started painting my first digital abstract, after having evolved for painting Acrylic on Paper and Canvas.

Cybele Alves Rodrigues - Contemporary Art

Cibele Alves Rodrigues is a Visual Artist.

My Work is strong, express myself in very colorful screens, that were created without any technical knowledge, but always innovating with diverse materials, using only creativity and the maze of my emotions that explode in colors and textures creating unimaginable scenarios.

My career in this fascinating World of Arts is very recent and have been publishing on multiple pages of art which brought me visibility and to my delight and surprise I have received some invitations to exhibit in Brazil and abroad, although it has not yet ventured this stage.

Immerse themselves in the universe of my Abstracts, visiting my page Art.

Artworks of the Artist:


Cibele Alves Rodrigues – Contemporary Art

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