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Design Studio Cris Paola. Photo: Hamilton Penna.

"How to improve your gourmet balcony!"Jessica Theodoro

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

Learn everything to improve their gourmet balcony!

With our changing habits, the gourmet balcony is a preferred owner place to welcome friends and family and became important and operative, time to think about the purchase of the apartment and how to decorate it in a functional way, and more and more beautiful.

Check now some tips to improve the gourmet balcony:

  1. Use ceramic floors or porcelain, It can be washed and easy to maintain
  2. Have a bench support for meal preparation and you need not use the kitchen all the time.
  3. Design cabinet top and bottom for storing crockery, cutlery, cups, placemats, more informal to get people.
  4. Pay attention to power points for minibar facilities, grill and also is the case of a beer cellar u.
  5. In addition to natural light, it is important to think of a warm and cool lighting for the place at night and why not a reading corner?
  6. Use chairs and ottomans, which can serve as tables or outriggers.
  7. On the wall of the countertop, run away from the traditional and apply a different coating as subway tile, hydraulic tiles, tablets, natural stones, among others.
  8. Offer a more warmth in the environment with furniture in woody tones and some colored dots on pillows, carpets and decorative objects in general.
  9. Renew the porch energy plants in pots or planters, if the space is small bet on a vertical garden with fresh spices, as parsley, chives and etc.. Nothing more pleasant to cook with the spices of their own mini-garden!.

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