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Discover the sideboard and its many functions in decoration

a simple furniture, but if used intelligently, assumes many functions in addition to decorating the environment

Atually, when we think about decoration, soon comes to mind great pictures, stylized vases and modern lamps. However, and often, functional decoration is forgotten, in which an object is used to enhance the aesthetic look of the environment, as well as providing functionality. And a good example is the famous sideboard.


what is a sideboard?

The sideboard is a simple piece of furniture, which serves as a support for decorations. Some models may have drawers or shelves; and, the part gains more functions, beyond simply being a top with a base.

It is important to note that a sideboard is not comparable to a buffet, because the latter has more drawers and doors, as it is used to store utensils, usually crockery and glasses.


Where can we use a trimmer and what are their types?

The advantage of using a trimmer is that it is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of environments.. This piece of furniture can be used in the entrance hall of the apartment., in the living room, in the dining room, on a balcony and even in the bedrooms.

There are several styles of sideboards for all types of environments.: classic wooden sideboards and more modern ones, with the mirrored top. There are also styles that mix wood and glass or wood and iron..

In the entrance hall

This is the main setting that we can find on most sideboards right at the entrance of an apartment.. A well-positioned sideboard can bring a number of advantages to this space.: a place to leave the keys, a mirror for that last look before you leave, one or two drawers to store mail, the dog guide, among other details.

In this environment, the furniture helps to save space in the rest of the apartment and gives a more refined look to the environment; After all, the first impression of the visits is the one that marks.

Combines with a rustic atmosphere?

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If the environment has a decor aimed at a more rustic style, the bet must be made on wooden sideboards, with glass or iron details, looking older. A piece of furniture of this type brings an aesthetic aimed at a country house or farm., and combining this sideboard with plants and some wooden elements composes the aesthetics of a more naturalistic proposal.

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Can be used as a room separator

In wider spaces, it is also possible to use a sideboard together with other furniture to create divisions in the environment. Put it on the back of a couch inside a room can create an interesting room divider, without making it small, including as decoration. A highlight is that the ideal is to use a set of luminaires that converse with the aesthetics of the sideboard..

in the dining room

This is a wildcard function for trimmers. When used in the dining room, they increase table space, to prevent it from being crammed with dishes and utensils during the meal. The sideboard can be used both at the head of the table and on the side of the table. Dining room.

during meal, Can be used as a support for utensils, bottles and food, and when not in use, becomes a great decoration area for the dining room. copper objects, glass and vases without flowers go well with this style of decoration..

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