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Account “Antofalla Test, My Refuge” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

I'm close to the village of Antofalla, in the Andes mountains, in my cabin.

It's really cold, the snow doesn't stop falling, breathtaking scenery.

The wild donkeys and llamas coexist peacefully in this scenario. The flamingos seeking food in the Lake. Puna is a desert of varied colors, the gold from the sand to snow white, high in the Andes. No wonder the mountains are covered with ice. The Sun appears, but the thermometer indicates 13 degrees below zero. The sacred mountains of Macon are so clear that resemble sand dunes.

Very cold even, light my fireplace.

A bottle of wine and a loaf presented by dear friend Teresa de Antofalla.

Covered in sheepskin.

Fireplace accesses.

Outside the snow doesn't stop falling.

I'm going to see my sheep, If you are protected. They are all together, warming up.

My garden also protected. Teresa asked me:

– Pablo didn't feel loneliness?

– Not, dear friend, Here's everything you need: peace.

– But what people?

– When I really miss even, I'm going to the village have a glass of wine with friends and chat.

– Gracias for the rack of Lamb that you presented to me. I will prepare it with a small bunch of mint.

– Careful with your return to the village, the trails are dangerous and it's snowing a lot. Tomorrow morning I'm going to town to buy groceries and see friends. Wake up in the morning, view the Blizzard and go with my jeguinho, very slowly.

– Don't worry, I am fine. My friend, I ask you again. What do you expect to find in Antofalla?

– Peace and true friends. Nature. It's priceless.

– Is a poor, out of resources, with nothing, forgotten in the world.

– I don't care, will make him a happy, We have the nature, a sympathetic people and friend, receptive, Alegre, partners. We will be happy.

– Wake up early and enjoy a nice coffee.

– When I feel alone, I pray, I'm going to go to the countryside and admire the nature. I appreciate every moment.

On my trip to the village found Sebastian former resident of Antofalla. Told me what life was like in the village. Gave me the welcome. He invited me for a glass of wine and talk about life. Meet the people of the city.

– My friend, the conversation is very good, but the night is coming and I need to harvest firewood to fuel my fireplace, because the night promises to be very cold. Answer me one thing: Along the way I noticed a small chapel, not entered… But I felt so much peace there pass. In honor of who she is?

– Is our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chile and protective of our village.

– I will return with more time and there, I'm going to do my prayers and meditations.

The trail, I was gathering sticks, in the distance I spotted a group of Llamas grazing quietly (Wonderful sight) and to get to my cabin, There was my neighbor Raul, also former inhabitant of the village, you came give me welcome, with a bottle of wine, of course. He asked me if I needed anything.

By late at night, combine your back, for a good chat the next day to tell me the story of the village.

As promised, Raul returned the next day in the morning, I had just strain it a coffee.

Tell me a little of the history of the town and the volcano that there exists. Raul confided in almost secret: Are not all people who pass, that are received as you, Sebastiam and Teresa. Feel your energy, good, illuminated that will only bring good to the town. You're welcome buddy. And count me in as you need. Said Raul.

I've never seen Sebastiam, invite in abroad for your table and drink wine, Neither Teresa take a bread as welcome.

Just to know your: Sebastiam our Patriarch and Teresa our Matriarch.

The Antofalla is in a nearly uninhabited region, except for the small town of Antofalla, inhabited for about 40 people. This is the land throughout the region, that is without a doubt one of the most remote and desolate Argentina. Tourism here is connected mostly with the exploitation.

A Antofalla is an active stratovolcano type volcano in the province of Catamarca, in Argentina. It lies West of the Salar de Antofalla. Inca ruins can be found at the Summit of the volcano 1, conforming what archaeologists call “Apachetas” you are a sort of altar to worship Inca. Such Apacheta offers definitive proof of numerous pre-Columbian climbs. Has 6.437 meters and three peaks. Antofalla is a compound word Cunza language and means: the place where the Sun dies.

The Sun dies but the hope for a better world is reborn.

Raul asked me: – Why did you come to this end of the world?

– Friend, I'm tired of so much Stress, pressure, disappointments, fake people, in the big city, Today I just want peace.

After long hours of good conversation, Raul fired up because I needed to take care of your garden and your creation of Llamas, your survival.

I was very happy with your visit and with the responsiveness of the inhabitants.

Good-hearted and simple people.

After a few days of pure loneliness, I returned to town and stopped at the chapel of our Lady of Mount Carmel. Bow down to your feet, Prayed and meditated, remember past facts, meditate a lot and asked for your help. I left my soul relieved, for sure you have made the right choice. My gratitude to our Lady of Mount Carmel, for this enlightenment and guidance on my new path.

Here I stay, I found my way.

Outside Blizzard falling, very cold.

I Invited Sebastiam, Teresa and Raul for that beautiful rack of Lamb that Teresa gave me, bring a good Chilean wine.

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Author: Edmundo Cavalcanti.

My gratitude for: Beatriz Fernandez Vaz text review Soft.

¹ Wikipedia.





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