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Day Philosopher: The work of the philosophy of professional, by Fabiano de Abreu

The Philosopher's Day is celebrated on 16 August. A simple search on what is Philosophy brings explanation: Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions related to the nature of human existence; of knowledge; the truth; of moral and aesthetic values; of mind; language, and the universe in its entirety. The term was coined by Pythagoras.

However, for me, a simple search on the work of the philosopher can not result in a satisfactory answer. For a philosopher, there is only one satisfactory answer to nothing, or to what is already answered.

The philosopher is one who philosophizes at all times. The one who philosophizes death, life, happiness, sadness ... even philosophize about dog bark eco and connects it to the whole universe that revolves around a, apparently, simple beat.

The philosopher is one who, with the movement of tree leaves, reflects on the wind and all the consequences that all this movement and now can bring.

Philosophy is not a talent, It is a gift: or are born with it and is a philosopher, or acquires the philosophy of knowledge to talk about philosophers.

For me, philosophers are people who are born with the gift of philosophy and have a high intellectual basis for such. They are intelligent people, since it is necessary to have a logical rationale for their concepts.

Finally (but without ending the issue because nothing ends in my philosopher's mind), be a philosopher is not satisfied with the answer and always be looking for new ideas to respond to a theme, even if you already have a plausible answer, rational and seen as right.

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