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Robson Cuer. Photo: Disclosure.
Robson Cuer. Photo: Disclosure.

In book, abandoned dog delights readers and encourages young people and adults to read

“The Diary of Erasmus” and “The Diary of Erasmus - the Different”, written by Robson Cuer, narrate the life of a puppy full of lessons

With frequent publications on their social networks about the adoption of the dog Erasmo, Robson Cuer descobriu que estava ajudando uma professora do Ensino Fundamental a educar seus alunos após diversas crianças dizerem estarem encantadas com a história do animal. In response to the request of small, the writer decided to tell a story inspired by his real relationship with the dog, where “O Diário do Erasmo” was born, published by Editorial Group Coherence in 2016.

The book is narrated from the point of view of Erasmus as a puppy and throughout the reading it is possible to follow his growth. Through a storyline that teaches a lot about friendship, acceptance and love, history is able to please children and adults, even though it is a work aimed at children and youth.

“The Diary of Erasmus” drew the attention of people struggling to end the abandonment of animals, mainly by delving into a narrative that explores the importance of adopting. Robson Cuer já foi convidado para dar palestras em escolas, participated in several literary fairs and chats, always raising social causes focused on animal life, and beyond that, working on encouraging reading.

In 2019, the writer released “O Diário do Erasmo - os Diferentes”, a continuation of the dog's life, but uninspired in the true story. Betting on fiction, the author proposes to help children understand that the world is diverse and that there are different breeds of animals, like several different people, and that everyone needs respect.

All titles in this literary series are illustrated by Jacqueline Nicolau e foram publicados pelo Editorial Group Coherence. E em entrevista Robson Cuer afirmou que pretende lançar mais dois livros, is even developing research to write the third, where the animal will live its adult stage.

Synopsis The Diary of Erasmus

Erasmus is a lucky dog. Together with his friends he lives adventures and knows the world with the curiosity of a child, without prejudice and attentive to everything. Discover a magical world that we sometimes miss and thrill, teaches and entertains readers. Light, poetic and sensitive, reminds us that life is very magical and that friendship is a beautiful feeling.

Synopsis The Diary of Erasmus - The Different

Erasmus is growing and realizes that the world is full of differences.

In this book, he meets some of them while having fun with his new friends. Full of doubts, along with his “crush”, Elzinha, live a fun and current adventure.

About the author

Born in Sao Paulo, fell in love with books very early, in love with the stories his grandmother told him to sleep in and immersed in the comic books that his aunt Maria Izabel gave him. To be a volunteer in the Cora Coralina Reading Room at the Rivadávia School was a leap. He plunged into books as a reading athlete and dreamed of the day when he would be like his idols Monteiro Lobato, Maurício de Souza and Marcos Rey. By irony of fate, playing on Facebook with small snapshots of his relationship with his dog Erasmo, was frightened by the receptivity of children and adults who were moved by the playful situations he created. He then decided to create the story launched by Editora Coerência.

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