Artist Isa do Rosário exhibits at the Liverpool Biennial


Represented by Miter Galeria, she was selected for the UK's biggest contemporary art festival which runs until September

Isa do Rosário was selected by curator Khaniyisile Mbongwa to join the team of artists for the 12th edition of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, in England: Spirit – The Sacred Return of Lost Things. The Biennial takes place between june and september, counting on 36 artists from different parts of the world.

Remarkable names came from there, the artist exhibits a series of embroideries that represent some of the main Orixás, large-scale works that rely on various materials selected by her in her process. “It's about the kids, she embroiders praying and thinking about the children. When thinking about your ancestry and all the violence your ancestors experienced, she puts all her love and her prayers into protecting our future. Think of a person fulfilled and happy with what they are living right now!” says gallerist Rodrigo Miter, from Miter Gallery.


For the creation of your textile works, Isa do Rosário is guided by a spiritual conversation with the Orixás. According to Candomblé, religion of African origin that developed in Brazil during the 19th century, the Orixás are considered ancestors who were deified and who represent the forces of nature.

the piece below, entitled ‘Dances with Death in the Atlantic Sea’ (2013-2023), represents life and death at the bottom of the sea. in a half, we see little black dolls called Abayomi. Meaning 'precious encounter’ in Yoruba language, here the artist uses it to represent black people and bodies, a memorial to all those who lost their lives during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The work creates a meditation space that, through the Orixás, hopes to offer safe passage for the souls that remain in the depths of the ocean.

About Isa do Rosário

Isa do Rosário performs storytelling and other activities, such as lectures and exhibitions aimed at the dissemination and preservation of Afro-Brazilian culture for more than 15 years, both in the hometown of Batatais (SP) as in some cities in the region.

For two years, between 2011 and 2012, did an internship at the Historical and Pedagogical Museum Dr.. Washington Luis de Batatais, where he developed numerous activities aimed at monitoring exhibitions and educational actions. His work has already been exhibited in schools and cultural spaces in Batatais, Free, Brodowski and other towns in the region.

Isa do Rosário by herself

“I was born into a Catholic family, my father Sebastião Rafael and my mother Isabel das Dores Silva Rafael. Isa do Rosário was born Catholic, I was a catechist during 18 years, I loved being a catechist, took the kids for a walk, the children to pray, the children to play, I got married and have two children, has my husband, and then I had another call I dreamed of my grandfather, my mother's father opening the door of heaven and he calling me to bless, I accepted.

Another time it was with a little lady who taught me her prayer that she used to bless in a church where the slaves' church used to be and today is the Municipality of Batatais, it was a beautiful ritual, wonderful, then I started to bless, I blessed a lot of people, many people, because I don't tell, I lose track, God knows when but it was too much. I was at home, then I started hearing voices, 'draw like this', I made the drawing, 1100, I put everything in a bag and put it on top of the wardrobe, I didn't know why I was here and what was happening to me.

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And time passed and the voices increased, then I started painting contemporary works, ink and brush works. The embroidery came with a lot of intensity, I got lost, then a girl from Minas helped me solve this embroidery mystery. Parisina is her name, the teacher. Then I listened to the songs, me embroidering listening to old black women's songs in Rio, I heard the children cry, because it was at the Cruelest time, at the time of covid, with President Bolsonaro and 600 thousand dead, what a sadness my god.

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there to some 10 years ago I started playing Buzios, but from the joke it was already the manifestation of the orixás in me, right, I played for one I played for another friend of mine, and everything worked. And each drawing I made symbolizes a Catholic saint with the orixá, so I'm going to tell the story of how the story of each of them manifested itself.”

About Liverpool Biennale

The Liverpool Biennale is the UK's largest contemporary visual art festival. The 12th edition takes place from 10 from June to 17 September 2023.

The organization has transformed the city of Liverpool through public art commissions., community projects and a legacy of biennial exhibitions spanning over two decades. Since its founding in 1998, we already commissioned 380 artworks, We present works from more than 560 renowned artists, we perform 34 collaborative projects in neighborhoods and we received more than 49 million visits.

About to Miter

Seven years ago, Miter operates in the Brazilian and international art market. Founded in 2015 by partners Alexandre Romanini, Altivo Duarte and Rodrigo Miter, with the name Periscope, the gallery gains a new name with the intention of marking a period of consolidation and maturity, and to open paths to continue articulating inventive propositions that activate the contemporary art scene.


Miter Gallery
Rua Lieutenant Brito Melo, 1217, black clay
Belo Horizonte/MG


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