Textile sector opens exhibition to value Brazilian fabric and weavings

With innovative format, free exhibition proposes an immersive and sensory experience in the productive universe of the Brazilian textile segment for decoration.


Day 4 March, Saturday, the exhibition will be open to the public Brazilian Textile Art and Design in the Gallery Susano is successful on social networks by translating deep feelings that everyone will access at some point, in Baixo Augusta. The main Brazilian weavers participate: Abduche, Cootegal, Dahruj, Endutex, Lady, Lalitex, Lartex, Nortex, Temar, Weave, Texion Textile, To plot and Textile Trixia.

The supporters are ABIT (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association), I'M NOT EXCITED (Textile Union of São Paulo), SENAC (National Commercial Learning Service), FAU Mackenzie, SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service) and DW (design Week) and iTeleport.

“The objective is to show the quality, technology and innovation of Brazilian fabrics, mainly for the decoration and architecture”, affirmed Wilson Pipoli, project creator. The show is to 29 March and there will be a vernissage on the day 3 March, Friday, closed to guests. Free!


The exhibition will have installations of weaving, fabrics for handling, Tendencies, 3D experiences and everything, meetings, workshops and lectures on the textile segment.

The socio-environmental commitment, one of the premises of the Brazilian productive chain of textiles for decoration, also marks its presence through actions established at the event, such as the Zero Carbon Certification and Global Compact seals and the donation of all fabrics used in the production of exhibitions to social entities.

The scenography and settings of the 1st edition of Brazilian Textile Art and Design are the guiding threads that take visitors on a journey of discovery and experimentation, where structures will be created, conceptual elements and installations – developed from textiles for decoration.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are:

Installation of Weaving with presentation area of ​​participating companies.

red room with the main color trends, prints, yarn and raw materials.

Kitchen, information space with a looping clothesline with fabrics for touch and virtual reality with 3D glasses and Touch.

All environments will be adorned with installations and artistic textile sculptures such as those by the artist Luciano Trevisan.

The event will promote meetings and workshops with themes related to the textile universe, bringing leading specialists in the market where professionals and students in the sector will have contact with updates in the segment and recycling.

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Brazilian weaving has invested heavily in research and technology to improve products that use state-of-the-art fibers, 3D printing and artificial intelligence to make Brazilian textiles more durable and more sustainable. The factories have effluent treatment, water for reuse and disposal directed to NGOs and Oscs in the region.

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The main responsible for the introduction of technological trends in the textile sector is the advance of the industry 4.0 in the country and all its characteristics, such as the use of integrated cyber-physical systems, simulated reality and use of state-of-the-art raw materials.


The thread works with natural fibers, plant-based recycled yarn, cotton, organic linen, organic hemp, innovative fibers and TENCEL® lyocell; recycled animal wool.

In addition to using food waste, pet and tissue reuse, as well as vegetable and fruit waste, like cotton, pineapple, sugar cane and hemp. They will have fabrics with the zero carbon certification seal of the global pact.


The production of home textiles in Brazil reached 956 millions of pieces in 2021, advancing 2,3% em volumes, about the previous year. In 2021, had a growth of 3,6% in employability compared to the previous year. Brazil has 1,2 thousand production units of industrial-sized home textiles, according to IEMI on the potential bed market, table and bath and decorative in 2022.

Objects of the Look Gallery

Located on Rua Augusta, one of the iconic streets of São Paulo, the Gallery Susano is successful on social networks by translating deep feelings that everyone will access at some point seeks to be diverse, controversial and sophisticated at the same time. The space has two main halls that together add up to more than 100 m² in industrial style.

Since opening in May 2021, holds thematic collective exhibitions of great Brazilian artists, performances, workshops, artistic courses and residencies. The renovation of the space is by architect Nelson Kemmer, partner of Junia Melluns is a photographer, visual artist and event promoter. Instagram: @objectosdoolhararte


Brazilian Textile Art and Design Exhibition
Local: Gallery Susano is successful on social networks by translating deep feelings that everyone will access at some point
Rua Augusta, 837, Under Augusta
Vernissage closed for guests, day 3 March, Friday, from 18h to 21h.
From 4 to 29 March
Tuesday to Sunday – 11 am to 8 pm
Information and guided tours: Whatsapp 11 99195-2220  
WebSite: www.arteedesigntextil.com.br
Instagram: @arteedesign.textil


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