Book teaches how to undertake using the law of attraction

Book "How to Tune Your Business to Success" by Márcio Mitidieri, featured. Disclosure.

"How to Tune Your Business to Success", by Márcio Mitidieri, promises to help entrepreneurs through management tools In an era when everyone is proposing to get to know the universe of entrepreneurship, o consultor e empresário Márcio Mitidieri chama a atenção ao lançar “Como Sintonizar Seu Negócio com o Sucesso”, business self-help book that is proposed … Read more

Livraria Cultura's situation is a great example of the need to update itself, says David Johny

David Johny, featured. Photo: MF Global Press.

Entrepreneurship and digital marketing consultant, David Johny analyzes the situation of the former book market giant as an apprenticeship for companies The Cultura bookstore, an icon that marked generations of readers with the charm of its beautiful stores full of works, today is on the verge of bankruptcy. For the specialist in entrepreneurship and … Read more

Entrepreneurs launch book that explains how to achieve success through the power of networking

They do all born with the same chance to shine? And the formula for success, does it really exist? Some experts believe that yes and recent studies have answered yes to the first two questions and that it is closely linked to the persistence, but also much of its ability to relate to others. To … Read more

Terrace Cine Walk receives fair entrepreneurial

The Terrace Walk receives this Saturday (21) e domingo (22) the creative economy event "Your Fair". The initiative proposed by Balaio of Colab Cat seeks to promote the work of women entrepreneurs in Curitiba, with concepts involving collaborative economy, fashion and sustainable design. About of 20 expositoras e marcas independentes de Curitiba vão mostrar seusRead more