Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.
Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Children producing Culture

Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project

When I met a person who seemed a little lucid to me, I did with her the experience of my number drawing 1, that I've always kept with me. I was wondering if she was truly understanding. But I always answered "It's a hat". So I didn't even talk to you about boa constrictors, nor of virgin forests, not even stars. Put me at your fingertips. I was talking about Bridge, Golf course, Policy, of ties. And the big person was delighted to meet such a reasonable man. (SAINT-EXUPÉRY, 1977, p. 11)


Fortunate is the one who allows childhood to emerge every day and allows himself to daydream on the wings of an angel investigating worlds. Happier is the one who imagines the dreamed universes and who travels through them, no appointment, fluttering, observing their colors and empty spaces. Happy is he who falls asleep as a child, who smiles with his eyes, that awakens and swirls in an uncertain way enchanted by the music that a dream whispered to him by the ear. Suddenly, of the rhodium to which it was delivered, the dream unfolds and extends on a colorful carpet over gray reality, distributing fantasies, tinting everything around, making flowers sprout and inviting the inner child to emerge and be enchanted too. Dawn is rumbling the music sung by that dream; is to spread the colors and let them sprout on gray soil, seducing the veracity of things and mitigating the hardness of the concrete. Childhood has that power.

And the looks that walked through these worlds were swirled by the fantasies of small artists, who impressed their universes in their form of manifestation. The works are beautiful ethereal journeys, abstract dreams, translations of infinite invented plots and cultivated poetry. The works of these little ones are part of the Reclusion Project and came in the form of Visual Arts and Literary Text.

Officially launched in 2020, on 16 August, the e-book consists of an anthology with 118 texts, between Poetry and Chronicles, in different languages, from 105 Authors, from 14 countries, from 4 Continents. Among the texts, São Paulo has two representatives, with the poetry of Guilherme Fortes, from 10 years, of the city of Registro, and two beautiful texts by Yara Cluxnei, from 14 years, de Sorocaba. From Pará, participates the poetry of Mateus Marinho, from 10 years, o Menino Poeta Obidense, from the city of Óbidos.


The The collection of works of art had its official launch also in 2020, on 23 de Agosto and has images of 228 visual arts works, with different techniques and supports from artists from different countries of the world, including the dream worlds imagined by children like Amélie Wagner, 9 years; André Ciarlini, from 12 years; André K. B. De Azevedo, from 6 years; Beatriz Pontes, from 9 years; Duda Yule, from 11 years; Henrique Figueira, from 11 years; Manoela B from Farias Carvalho, from 6 years; Maria Eduarda, from 10 years; Maria Gabriela, from 12 years; Maria Luiza Albuquerque, from 13 years; Miguel Pontes, from 13 years; Suzana Veloso, from 12 years; Valentina Ramos, from 9 years; Victor Silva de Veras Souza, from 12 years; e Yara Cluxnei, from 14 years. Some children were selected by Ateliê de Rejane Melo, In Manaus; and Edimara Arouca, in Germany, indicated one more and two are from the interior of São Paulo.

With an impeccable presentation, the children's works showed their competence with the techniques used; proved the power of overcoming as the examples of autism and mouth painting; and overflowed with talent and brilliance. In the midst of a troubled and frightening period, the fantasy spread its colorful rug and allowed itself to swirl, perfumed with flowers, one World, which had suddenly become more gray and stony.

The book is hosted on a digital platform, with easy access to promote this Solidarity Action and can be purchased through the link. From the sale of the digital publication of both, 70 % will revert to families in socially vulnerable situations, through three institutions that will receive this resource to carry out such actions: the Pastos Verdes Institution in Mozambique, in Africa, who will receive 30%; o Instituto Janeraka, for the preservation of the indigenous culture of the AWAETE ASSURINI ethnic group of the Xingu, who will also receive 30%; and the Instituto Bem Bem Para Para, Vila Velha, ES, Brasil, who will receive 10%.

The objective of the project was to create an artistic and collective inventory of the pandemic period. Conceived and coordinated by visual artist and curator Maria Vieira de Souza, resident in Sorocaba, SP, the initiative mobilized artists from five continents and counted on the collaboration of the brazilian Edimara Condé Arouca, living in Germany; Ruben Zacarias, from Mozambique; Laís Kaori and Go Governor, of Japan, who voluntarily acted as “continental leaders”, inviting people and pre-selecting jobs. Other volunteers joined the project during the disclosure period, to receive the works, or because they are interested in the project, as Rejane Melo from Manaus; Marisa pedrosa, Portugal; Denise da Cruz of Liechtenstein; and Angela Cardoso from Belgium.

They also collaborated with the project, that you may have in the future, print edition, Janete Manacá and Ana Maria Reis with the disclosure; Andre Franco, Flávia Volpi, Matheus Lobo, with the translation of documents in English; Elsa viviana (Colombia) and Ivana Boero (Argentina), with the Spanish translation; Carla Fernandes from Portugal, with the French translation; Edimara, with the German translation; Kelvin Cluxnei, with digital programming; Gilda Sabas with the correction; and Rosângela Vig, with the final review. The artist Ruben Zacarias came to travel long distances, in the search for each talent, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to be in the book. The anthology had a preface by the writer, journalist and digital artist Ale Abdo who helped publicize the project. The collection was curated and written by art critic and curator Oscar D’Ambrósio, with his painstaking work that allowed to establish a line of thought about artists and their works. Isabele Nardo's inspiration led to the perfect montage, e-book design and layout. The renowned muralist and professor of design at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Andruchak Marcos directed and finished the artwork. From the artist's hands came inspiration for the cover, full of meanings linked to inclusion and a better world, greater purpose of this work done with so many hands and so great. The collection is being sold for R $ 80.00 and the anthology for R $ 40.00 and, when purchasing, the e-book will be forwarded to the e-mail.

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Links of the works of the small artists:

Amelia Wagner

André Ciarlini with the work Pré História:

André K. B. De Azevedo with his amusement park screen:

Beatriz Pontes and her work Aquário:

Duda Yule and the work Frida Kahlo Dance:

Henrique Figueira:

Manoela B from Farias Carvalho:

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Maria Eduarda with the work Cidade dos Cachorros:

Maria Gabriela and her Flemish Dance:

Maria Luiza Albuquerque and her Amazonian Look:

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Miguel Pontes with his Infinite Gauntlet:

Suzana Veloso with her Jaguar work:

Valentina Ramos with her Dog in the Colorful World:

Victor Silva de Veras Souza with his work Autumn Orange:

Yara Cluxnei and her work Réstia:

And the game of imagining continues in the beautiful poetry of one of the children,



Imagine the story I'm going to tell you
Travel without leaving your seat
Go by car, motorcycle, ship or in a big balloon
Close your eyes use your imagination
Imagine a star there in the sky shining,
If you stretch you will reach
Imagine that you are swimming in the sea,
just be careful not to sink
Become a bird, a kitten, a dog (at, at)
Very well what a joke
Just kidding
Legal! Eeeeee!

Mistress taken
Pretending scared
The Boogeyman.
Little girl, what grace are you
A little something like that
Starting to live
Stay like this my love
Without growing
(MATHEW, 2015, p.20)


MATHEW, Vinícius de. To Noah's Ark. São Paulo: Companhia das Letrinhas, 2015.

SAINT-EXUPÉRY, Antoine de. The Little Prince. Rio de Janeiro: Agir Editora Bookstore, 1977.


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