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Exhibition "New Talent Conference" in Panamericana. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “New Talent Conference” in Panamericana

Show brings together projects and works of fine arts students

Soon PanamericanaCurated by Claudio Tozzi, the Panamericana School of Art & Design presents to the public exposure "Collective New Talents", of 03 a 20 November, gathering wood and acrylic paintings and prints on Fine Art produced by Fine Arts course students.

Among the works that will be exhibited in the Collective, stand out the Renata Broetto. "I chose the later works of a trajectory, where rationality and precision geometry oppose the color emotion, action, of gesture and chance ", says the student of the Pan American.

All works in the exhibition, which will be installed in Greenland headquarters, adorn a variety of aspects, personality and own styles authors. "The works of the show are impeccable. This because, year after year has been growing commitment of teachers, that promote early discussions of the work with students and show them new things. It is enriching ", account curator, Claudio Tozzi, on selected works.

"We want to honor and give visibility to the talent of our students, and encourage the professional growth of each. Great works are performed daily in the classroom and "Collective New Talent" is the result of this ", the firm Alex Lipszyc, Director of Education School.

SERVICE: Exhibition "Collective New Talents"
Local: Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design
Headquarters Greenland: Greenland Street, 77, Jardim Paulista
Date: of 03 a 20 November.
Time: from Monday to Friday, das 9h às 21h, it is Saturday, from 9am to 12pm. Is closed on Sundays and holidays

Information: Tel. (11) 3887.4200 – www.escola-panamericana.com.br


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