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Fabio Brucoli, violin. Photo: Marcelo Donatelli.
Fabio Brucoli, violin. Photo: Marcelo Donatelli.

Winter Music Festival of the Magic Mountain’ this week has instrumental music and lyrical music

The festival “Winter Music from the Magic Mountain”, realization of Hotel Toriba, in Campos do Jordao, continues this week with three recitals.

instrumental music on wednesday, 28 July, to 19 hours, at Fireplace Room with the violinist Fabio Brucoli, accompanied at the piano by Rosana Diniz. In the program, only french composers: Debussy, Cesar Franck and Ravel. Highlight for the “Sonata Nº 2”, of Ravel, written in 1927 and one of the first classical pieces to incorporate jazz elements.

Fabio Brucoli and Rosana Diniz repeat the program the next day, Thursday, to 11 hours, no Cultural Space Dr. In addition to.

On Saturday, day 31, lyrical music, with the tenor Marcello Vannucci and a soprano Cláudia Neves, accompanied at the piano by Antonio Luiz Barker. In solos and duets, the singers perform arias from operas and popular songs.

In the program, two famous arias by Puccini – “No sleep”, tenor, by Turandot, and “Live art”, for soprano, of Tosca - and, in duet, the italian song “I'll leave with you”, by Francesco Sartori. The show will be at 19 hours in Fireplace Room, the heart
musical do Toriba.


Fabio Brucoli is a prominent violinist in the Brazilian art scene, performing regularly in the main concert halls and festivals in Brazil. He is currently 1st violinist at the São Paulo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra, violinist at Aulustrio and Artistic Director of Prados Festivals, MG.

A pianist Rosana Diniz graduated from the Lavignac Conservatório Musical, in Santos, Your hometown. In 1990, received a scholarship from the Lodz Academy of Music, in Poland.

Marcello Vannucci is recognized as one of the great Brazilian tenors, since its debut in 1995 na Nabucco opera. In 2003 shared the stage with Kiri Te Kanawa, when the New Zealand soprano tour in Brazil. In 2010 received the Carlos Gomes Award as "best opera singer" in the country.

A soprano Cláudia Neves is a member of the Lyric Choir of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, and works as a teacher of operatic singing at the Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul.


  • Wednesday, 28 July, 19h – Fireplace Room
  • Thursday, 29 July, 11h – Cultural Space Dr. In addition to


    • C. Debussy – the girl with linen hair (Preludes, Book 1)
    • C. Franck – Sonata in A Major [I. Allegretto well moderated / II. Allegro / III. Recitative – Fantasy. Well moderate / IV. Allegretto slightly moved]
    • C. Debussy – Beautiful evening (arr. Jascha Heifetz)
    • M. Ravel – Sonata NO 2 [I. Allegretto / II. Blues (Moderato) / III. Perpetual motion (Allegro)]
  • Saturday, 31 July, 19h – Fireplace Room



    • J. Fontana – The world
    • F. Cilèa – I am the humble handmaid
    • A. L. Weber – All I ask of you
    • L. From the – Caruso
    • G. Puccini – Oh my dear daddy
    • F. Sartori – I'll leave with you
    • And. Of Capua – 'O my sun


    • G. Puccini – Valsa de Musetta
    • G. Puccini – No sleep
    • G. Puccini – Live art
    • G. Puccini – And the stars were shining
    • A. Lara – Granada
    • G. Verdi – Let us free in the happy goblets (Brindisi)
SERVICE – The unprecedented festival “Winter Music from the Magic Mountain” will have performances throughout the winter. three whole months, from the winter solstice to the spring equinox – from 19 from June to 21 on Sep.
A Hotel Toriba is on Avenida Ernesto Diederichsen 2962, Campos do Jordao, SP. On the web, www.toriba.com.br.
Presentations are free for guests of the Toriba and for restaurant customers Plumes and Toribinha Bar & Fondue.
Telephone information and reservations (12) 3668-5000.

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