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Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: Design Auction - November 2021

Design Auction - November 2021

Day 11 November at 7:00 pm



Flávia Cardoso Soares – JUCESP No. 948



See below some highlighted lots

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How to buy at auctions: just access the link to the catalog and launch in the items of interest. The moment a bid is placed, those who have never bought on internet auctions will need to fill out a registration form, which will generate a number by which bids are recorded. As for people who have bought before, they will just have to login. It is also possible to register previous bids directly with the auctioneer. In this case, talk to me on tel. (11) 99979-9416.


  • Doubts, contact us by phone (11) 98136-3652 or (11) 99979-9416.

FLÁVIA CARDOSO SOARES – Official Auction – Jucesp 948
Tel.: (11) 99979-9416.
Permanent capture of pieces (art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles) for auctions newspapers

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