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Paiol theater. Photo: Lucilia Guimarães.
Paiol theater. Photo: Lucilia Guimarães.

Curitiba Cultural Foundation Launches notices for shows at the Armory

The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba publishes on Tuesday (22/8) the edict Musical Supplies (nº 42/2017), which selects projects for realization of shows at the Teatro in Madeira Island. Will be destined for the value of up to R$ 162.000,00 (real 162,000) to contemplate 18 projects worth up to R$ 9.000,00 (real 9000) each, for performances on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning in April to December 2018, as published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality in 21 August 2017.

The markings shall be carried out on the site of the SISPROFICE, in www.sic.cultura.pr.gov.br in the period between the 9h of the day 22 August 2017 up to 12:00 of the day 20 September 2017.

For the Director of incentive to the culture of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Haning Pache, the edict, In addition to fostering musical production of the city, enables a program to an important cultural space of Curitiba. “The importance of the notice Supplies Musical is in the execution of a schedule for 2018, I admire and appreciate the musicians of Curitiba, highlighting the importance of a historic and iconic space for culture of the city ", said.

Reviewers -Besides the edict Musical Supplies, the FCC also publishes the notice nº 43/2017 to call for public selection of five reviewers, who will be responsible for the selection of music projects. This edict will allocate resources to 15 thousand dollars for hiring five reviewers. In conducting the analysis and/or opinion on artistic and cultural projects, the contractor will receive per project analyzed. In an analysis of 1 to 50 projects, the value per lot will be R$ 1.000,00 (1000 real); above 51 up to the limit of 100 projects, the value per lot will be R$ 2.000,00 (actual 2000) and above 101 the value of projects R$ 3.000,00 (real 3000).

Entries for the edict of reviewers should be made subject to mandatory registration in SISPROFICE, between the 9h of the day 22 August 2017 and the 12:00 of the day 11 September 2017, opting for the music area. The activities resulting from the announcement should be made in 16 October 2017 to 25 October 2017.

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More information on the notices are available on the website of the Cultural Foundation: http://www.fundacaoculturaldecuritiba.com.br/leideincentivo/avisos/


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