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Iecine opens registration for the Screenplay Workshop. Photo: Alexi Pelekanos/Disclosure.
Iecine opens registration for the Screenplay Workshop. Photo: Alexi Pelekanos/Disclosure.

Iecine opens registration for the Screenplay Workshop

Free and online activity takes place from 12 from July to 12 August 2022

The Secretary of Culture (Sedac), through the State Film Institute (Iecine), open enrollment for Script Workshop, of the professional training project Revealing Rio Grande.

The activity will be taught by the screenwriter and director, Marcela Island Bordin. Interested can register for free at the link bit.ly/3bTM7lK.

The meetings will take place virtually through the platform Zoom, from 12 from July to 12 August, on tuesdays and fridays, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm.

The course will present the narrative language of the audiovisual series, the different genres, styles and schools, in addition to carrying out the practice of writing the serial work.

“Audiovisual works are born from the written idea. Knowledge of the language and technique of film writing seeks to provide opportunities for creatives to explore narrative and the act of telling stories through characters and environments.. In addition to meaning job opportunities, because with the expansion of Streaming, the screenwriter’s profession has been increasingly valued in Brazil”, observes Zeca Brito, director of the State Film Institute.

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– character development

– Episode synopses

– Drama series arc

– Genres

– construction of seasons

– Presentation of excerpts from series and repertoire of serial works

– Practical script writing exercise

– Scale development, argument and scene

– Development of synopsis of the episodes of the series

– First episode script writing


Marcela has a degree in Journalism, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, with a master's degree in Letters (Emphasis on Literatures of the English Language), the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Since 2014 works as a screenwriter and film director, having participated in dozens of festivals, receiving several awards, like CAROL (honorable mention and Popular Jury Award at XII Cinefest Gato Preto – National Short Film Competition, 2016); THE CEILING ABOUT US (Latin-American Curta Best Award at the 57th Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival – Zinebi, 2015; Special Jury Prize at the 17th Luso-Brazilian Film Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, 2015; Best Screenplay Award at the 7th Frontier Film Festival, 2015); and DEAD PRINCESS OF JACUÍ (Grand Prix at Cine Esquema Novo 2018 - Competitive Exhibition, 2018; ACCIRS Award (Association of Film Critics of Rio Grande do Sul) best short- Gaucho footage of 2018); among others.

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