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Keti Stefanini on Site Obras de Arte !!

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Ketileine Stefanini is a Brazilian artist, born in São Paulo and formed in fashion by Senai Eng° Adriano José Marchini. As a child, Keti enjoyed coloring magazines, albums and also drew on dolls clothes his mother buy him notebooks, to encourage your taste for the arts.

Keti made career in fashion in the making of clothes, and in parallel would be complementing his education with courses in design and illustration.

"Searched me specialize and find out as much as they could about techniques and about the world of illustration. Did the course of creation of prints by Senac and fashion design in Sigbol Fashion Institute, where I developed skills with design, but it was in the course of the Studio Catherine Gushiken I learned more techniques of illustration ".


DogThroughout his career as an Illustrator, Keti already participated in two exhibitions organized by the school of art and Design Illustrated Room, had your portfolio published in ABC Magazine Web site Design, participated in the project Dog Art, with illustrations and paintings in natural size dogs, made in fiberglass at the invitation of the Sciacco Studio, among other projects.



????????????????????????????????????????Keti is a complete artist, applies his illustrations on a variety of surfaces, make custom screens and also features a unique line of objects which bring his illustrations, always with versatility and without specific criteria,

"Do not obey the criteria, I like experimenting in painting and mixtures, paint on a new basis, combine ancient techniques with new, so the composition is harmonious ".

To transpose your ideas and thoughts to the "paper", Keti always prints in his playful elements, vintages, Ethereal, sensual and eclectic. Keti is detailed, believes that art is timeless and has great influence of artists Nina Pandolfo, Catherine Gushiken, Daniele Reck, Juri Ueda, James Jean and Gil Elvgren. The artist conveys in his work a little of his philosophy of life and its mission, that is always do good and lead art, color and sensitivity to the world.

Artworks of the Artist:


Keti and his work “Cherry and its Web” Description: width = 52,4cm x height = 40,5cm Black border style box with glass ink watercolor painting, microm black pen and white gel pen


Keti and his work “Cherry and its Web” Description: width = 52,4cm x height = 40,5cm Black border style box with glass ink watercolor painting, microm black pen and white gel pen











Keti is living its best artistic phase, participating in numerous projects and with more special invitations. About this new phase, completes the artist:

"I want to fly, I am very happy with all the opportunities and proposals that I've been getting. 2012 It was a year particularly very inspiring for me and aggregator. My illustrations and art are the essence of my soul, my private universe, I am really very proud and accomplished to see my work being recognized and sought ".

For those who want to learn a little more about the work of Keti, You can visit his website www.ketistefanini.com where are all the information to contact her and also follow your Fan Page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KetiArtIllustrations.

Meet the illustrated world Keti! Boa viagem!


Stefanini Artist Keti

Project Art Dog. (http://fb.com/dog.art.br and http://dog.art.br / artists)

Sciacco Studio – www.sciaccostudio.com

Soul Tattoo Art Gallery and Café – São Paulo – SP


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