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Book "The mystery of envy" of Éber Hernandes. Photo: Disclosure.

Release Paper: The mystery of envy

The envy has always been conceived as a psychic phenomenon, biological or Mystic. These three forms of approach always generated negligible effects on those seeking relief or cure.

For the first time a writer discusses a theory that the discomfort known worldwide as Envy is interpreted not as a psychological issue (particular), or Mystique (inexplicable supernatural), or biological (inherent in human nature), but as a Social fact.

By the way, once explained the envy as a Social construct (a problem built, powered and transmitted by the society), 100% of the issues relating to this subject are answered in the book.

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Excerpt from the book:

When, therefore, someone says "I'm not jealous", This someone is actually saying something like, "I have annoyances, activate. But I don't feel exactly what you say I feel. I do not have exactly what the world calls envy. My question is another ".

About the author:

The writer paulistano Eber Hernandes, He graduated in letters began writing to 14 years old, accumulating tales, poetry and thoughts. The taste for reading piqued his investigative instincts and innovative. At that time I used to spend hours and hours writing and writing, at this time found a way to externalize your questions and thoughts on some issues of humanity.

He taught for years in public schools, improving their knowledge to so, reaffirm your calling, be a writer.

Among his major works are a math homework with eight volumes: Mathematics for teenagers; a work of Portuguese with four volumes: Texts with vocabulary for teenagers; A fiction: Rain on the roof; A book of messages: 100% Dalle and his latest work, The mystery of envy.

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