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Lapinha da Serra, cave painting. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.

Lapinha Sierra enchants with its natural beauty and emerges with paleontological tourism

just 143 km from Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, the Lapinha da Serra is a well-preserved haven of peace and beauty, the foot of the Serra do Cipo, that enchants with its waterfalls, grottos, rivers, biodiversity and landscapes of valleys and mountains, like Pico Lapinha (second highest point of the Serra do Cipo, with 1687 meters).

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Lapinha da Serra has an average of 300 residents living subsistence, agriculture and tourism. However, beyond the visitors who seek contact with nature and adventure, called paleontological tourism has emerged, attracting people from all over the world to meet the famous Rock Paintings Lapinha, which is approximately 9 a thousand years.

The entrepreneur Teuler Travel, responsible for local accommodation House Teuler in Lapinha da Serra, He talks a little about the reason for the increased number of tourists interested in the paleontological tourism in the region: "The motion and the demand for accommodation has increased significantly due to the paleontological tourism. Established a partnership of the House of Teuler with local guides to Lapinha visitors can discover this wealth and heritage of humanity that tell a fascinating story. To ensure their survival, old came to the walls to make a kind of magic ritual. Thus they drew these walls using seed oil, pigmentos e até mesmo o sangue dos animais para representar a caça, scenes of pregnant women or birth, and intriguing representations of different human beings, which are called Contacts, It seems to be a representation of God or, according to some, extraterrestrials".

Despite being a small village, not only ordinary people but even celebrities have visited Lapinha in search of its attractions: "The Lapinha is a very special place, by which I was charmed at first sight and so I decided not only to come and live here how to invest in establishing a local housing, to House Teuler, that favors and respects biodiversity and local wealth, and where we had the pleasure of receiving both famous and ordinary people who want to know this paradise. The Lapinha is a unique place, odd, only, providing peace of mind and connect with the best that nature can offer us ".

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