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Jonas Caldas. Photo: Disclosure.

Maintenance of instruments is the subject of free master class in the Imperial Palace

Musicians and fans of instruments like violin, Viola, upright bass and cello can learn more about the manufacturing process and the care required to ensure the best possible sound. A master class on Saturday (13/05), from 12:00, give prominence to the luthiery with professor Jonas Caldas, professional reference in this business. To open the meeting, the Philharmonic Orchestras and Popular project Tuhu Villa-Lobos and children present themselves to the public.

Jonas Caldas studied with professor Guido luthiery Pascoli, worked in Germany with the luthier Har Egger and currently works with professor Sandrini Santoro. Its master class will address the construction processes, maintenance and conservation of the instruments, the care when storing and transporting and daily maintenance before and after use.

Caldas is luthier from the 17 years, After learning crafts and woodworking techniques. A viola that developed in your first year with the own workshop earned her experience in Stuttgart, where he studied design techniques and new technologies used in the manufacture of instruments. After the one-year residence, He returned to Brazil, where he specialized in strings.

Jonas Caldas. Foto: Divulgação.

Jonas Caldas. Photo: Disclosure.

To pack this special meeting, project Philharmonic presents, under the baton of maestro Sergio Babu, a didactic and artistic repertoire, including works by Heitor Villa-Lobos. The already Popular Orchestra Tuhu joins spirit of party, a lot of energy and rhythm in a repertoire of major findings, without giving up an original interpretation. The instrumentation and the ability of the musicians are the differential which ensures a dialogue with the urban culture of the peripheries. The adaptation, arranging and conducting are the Maria Clara Barbosa.

This will be the fourth master class of programming. Other events will subject my first music video (with Aline Tyler), in 27/05; and Orchestral Formations in Villa-Lobos (with maestro Marcelo Garden) in 17/06.

Classes are subject to capacity and open to all who have an interest in classical and popular music, professionals or fans. The project Villa-Lobos and children develop a cultural work through music, that aims at professionalization of young talents of poor communities in Rio de Janeiro. Created in February 2008, has as its starting point the pedagogical teachings of maestro Heitor Villa-Lobos. The project is sponsored by Alive and the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro through the State law of incentive to culture.


Master class of project Villa-Lobos and children: "Conservation and maintenance of instruments"
Date: 13/05/2017 (Saturday)
Time: 12h: presentation of the Philharmonic Orchestras of Villa-Lobos and Popular Project Tuhu; 13h: master class with Jonas Caldas
Local: Paço Imperial
Address: 15 November square, 48 – Center – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Rating: Free
Entrance: Free

About the guest: https://www.facebook.com/jonascaldasviolinos

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