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#BUT promotes practical course: Conservação e Restauração em Réplicas 3D com a Profª. Titina Corso. Photo: Disclosure.

#BUT promotes practical course: Conservation and Restoration 3D Replicas with Prof.. Titina Corso

3D replica 70 Images of Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo

Total hours: 120 hours / module
Total training hours: minimum of 8 hours.
Periodicity: Wednesdays of 13hs to 17hs
Duration: January to July 2019


Every student should attend this course with at least 8 hours a week in the development stage of 3D images to match the teacher. It will be issued a certificate of practical training in addition to the course certificate.


The Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo, thinking about asset protection and breadth of interdisciplinary museum, will develop part of its collection of reliable 3D replicas that will become itinerant leading to understanding of the historical sacred memory to different regions of the country and abroad. Faced with this avant-garde vision of our Museum, This course is designed to introduce professionals interested in inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge that will be built during the period of practical realization of assets including lectures on the process. This process aims to enable students to recognize the original work and its invoice process in the approaches of the techniques and materials used to carry out the work, as well as the approaches and instrumentation for museum conservation processes of these works, the documentation criteria, stabilization, conservation, exposure and guard. The student will interact on stage process in the old ambience workshops and working groups established by the teacher, recognizing materials, rethinking materials of substitution in the present, participating in the invoice of the works in 3D replica tune up various training in the artistic and scientific field.

Our educational approach is strengthened in contact with the necessary knowledge for Cultural Heritage conservation practices in Religious Art, enabling the student critically in the practice of traditional cooking, in its material applied on the imaginary, looking for their aesthetic and historical understanding in the translation of the composition made by the bill of faithful replicas of 3D MAS project TRAVELING.

Specific objectives:

– Discuss the theories and philosophies on the basis of conservation and restoration;
– Interdisciplinarity between museum institutions and their practices expository;
– Experience preventive conservation practices of the museum collection;
– Interpret the dynamics of the museum space and its responsibilities;
– Theory and practice of techniques and materials applied to the invoice of the works, conservation and restoration imaginary fallen and 3D replicas and ornamentation characteristic, performing duplication of the acquis defined in the MAS project TRAVELING;
– Rationale and practice with development of proposals directed to the object to be developed and consequent learning building cataloging documentation;
– Experience of collaborative space as in the factories and workshops of the nineteenth century images;
– Development guard boxes to museum collections;
– expository media development for course design.

Course plan

Practice and research, inter disciplinary and multidisciplinary application to materials in the 3D replica techniques museum collection, reproducing developed original works in media such as: full cast and polychrome; Baked clay and polychrome; Madeira; Papel marché; Metal; Ivory and mixed elements. Study materials and techniques used in traditional workshops; study of the artistic creative process and elements of the process punctuated expression in the timeline, and the study and identification of contemporary materials applied on the 3D support defined as an integral part of the work or, included the decorative elements of the images.

Program content

– Search application and study of the ethical foundations applied to restorative actions and invoice authorized replicas of the collection.
– Analysis and procedures applied to the work in the field of Conservation and Restoration, with eyes turned to the artistic production time and understood about the artistic process for the time and sealed.
– directed practice the invoice traditional materials in the field of creation to understanding the techniques applied to the conservation and restoration in the understanding of the principle of reversibility to carry out the replicas.
– practical experimentation for conservative and restorative actions, based on the concept of minimal intervention and reversibility.
– documentation for construction management of the museum collection with the understanding authorized replica 3D image and expository.
– Study of traditional and contemporary decorative building processes (polychrome - pigments and binders - materials and techniques applied).
– Realization and manipulation of specific artistic material for the preparation of replicas of works of, BUT TRAVELING - ethics in action – methodology.


Mahtab Corso, artistically call Titina Corso He is an artist and educator hybrid, developing research and thematic projects, Special eyes turned to contact the Baroque period, transdisciplinary in the Arts and Heritage Education. Post graduated Latu Sensu in Methodology in Higher Education, degree in Education from the School Sumaré, degree in Arts at the Claretian University Center. He conducted several training courses at the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts (RJ) and Parque Lage (RJ), having also attended the graduation EBA-UFRJ and artistic extension at the University of Évora (Portugal). He is currently Professor expert in Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo, exerting constant activity as Art Works Conservative and Restorative, specializing in Sacred Art in the implementation and coordination of various projects of the National Public Property and private collections, also acting as an art restorer and advisor in his own atelier. In academic perspective directs his experience in the artist-, with emphasis on Visual Arts, performing a perspective hybrid poetry in two and three dimensional languages ​​as well as in urban interventions. Watching the line of research for creativity; transdisciplinaridade; ICTs and also special education. currently directs its monographic construction in MA in fragments anchored in memory, whispers that perceived lock contacts with the subject and transdisciplinary learning.

Curriculum lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/7216478628037513

Dates: (Wednesdays)
Janeiro – 30
February - 06/13/20/27
March - 06/13/20/27
April - 03/10/17/24
May - 08/15/22/29
June- 05/12/19/26
July - 03/10/17/24/31

Load time: 120hs
Vacancies: 30
Value: R$ 400,00 monthly (deposit or cash) - card 430,00 - the student must leave the post-dated checks. R$ 1.600,00 the view (Deposit) –
Inscriptions: mfatima@museuartesacra.org.br
Information: (11) 5627.5393
Local: administrative headquarters of the Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo
Address: St Lazarus Street, 271 -Light
At the end of the semester the student will receive a certificate of participation and stage.

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