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MeMé-Amelia Piva Vizotto-diversity in creation by Edmund Chandra

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

MeMé Vizzotto is a brazilian artist who made a transition from the world of film to contemporary arts. His work has influenced the artists ' own family. She merges classical and contemporary techniques of art developing a unique style.

His work is based on lines and contours, that when filled, they give a feeling of volume from the forms. Likes to explore and play with the empty spaces, turning them into part of the work, what refers to the architectural openings.

Childhood memories made daily and experiences with an extensive research paper, give you what you need to complete your creations. MeMé 's work was exhibited in the Brazilian British Centre, in São Paulo, where he won three consecutive Awards.

MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto, é Artista Plástica.

MeMé-Amelia Piva Vizotto, is an artist.

Latest MeMé exhibitions are "Art in Box III" NY edition, at Ward-Nasse Gallery, NY, USA, "The art in three Languages", São Paulo. "Brazilian Art at the port", in Port Art Gallery, Porto, Portugal. “Paper Cubbed” in Osaka Cultural Center, in Japan. "Brazilian Artists in Vienna", Galerie KoKo, Vienna, Áustria. “Brazilian and International Contemporary Art” the Consulate-General of Brazil, NY, USA, among others.


Where did you born, and What's your academic training?

Was born in São Paulo, Digital video and went to college I attended one semester of cinema in New York.

How and when you give your first contact with the Arts?

I think from inside the belly of my mother, because she had to stay nine months of home, did a huge carpet to pass the time.

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.How did you find this gift?

From semper, because the contact with the art was inevitable, Since the whole family was full of talents. My grandmother cooked and sewed very good and taught us how to embroider, knit and be aware of the importance of recycling, even before turning sets. My mother and my father drew, painted and created a little bit of everything.

What are your main influences?

Beyond my immediate family, parents and my grandmother, My uncle Albano Vizotto Son, painter with classical training, hyper-realistic, I'd say, with his paintings that popped out of the screen and my cousins, the Campana brothers, world-renowned designers, by using everyday objects giving another use and turning them into design pieces, the who say they have learned with our grandmother, through his example in Recycle.

What materials do you use in your works?

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.I like to try and create new materials, to work with them otherwise, less traditional, turning what would be thrown, in original raw material. I started with sculptures in stainless steel wire, I went to pottery, then came the metal, wood and aluminium casting, but I keep merging and reusing the materials, I think this awareness is very important.

What is your creative process itself? What inspires you?

Usually my inspiration comes from animals and insects because of their different shapes and sizes, but I don't like to say that this is my only source of inspiration, as art without freedom, for me is not art. The memories of childhood at my grandmother's House in the interior of SP and the banter to make bugs with vegetables, so abundant in backyards and toothpicks, among so many others just the contact with the land and the rural life can provide. But my work process is long and much research. Start researching the animal/insect, designing and redesigning infinite times till you get the desired result, so confecciono molds and start cutting the pieces on the chosen material, to then break your head in assembling the sculpture, because not always what was imagined initially works in practice. Processes with the collages and engravings follow the same pattern, only differing in the Assembly, It's not going to be three-dimensional.

When you started effectively to produce or create your works?

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.I started professionally in 2002, with the first solo exhibition in the Windows of the Ritz, Al. Free, in the gardens.

Art is an intellectual production exquisite, where emotions are embedded in the context of creation, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, following technical and artistic movements through time, you own any model or influence of any artist? Who would be?

Yes, I believe you have some influence and sometimes surrealist Cubist, but I think the classic style and my uncle's academic, If merged to unusual and contemporary way of design of my cousins, This is the base creates a unique style and innovative that I have developed, at least that's what the critics and gallery owners have told me…

What does art mean to you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of Arts in your life…

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.Art is my life, whether in storytelling, a script for a movie, in a collage or a sculpture, because everything I do has a bit of playful, of child's play and even influences of toys, as the puzzle, you are a constant brand in my works, are they in the language that is, because for me, everything is art.

What techniques do you use to express their ideas, feelings and perceptions about the world? (Whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography… or uses several techniques in order to make a mix of different art forms).

Sometimes merge some techniques, but also use them individually. With works in mixed media or digital art, from photographs of my work and transformed into monogravuras. But what else I have dedicated myself is the sculpture and collage. I have made small series, a maximum 10/10 prints of my collages. Dick too, but it's not my usual way of expression.

Every artist has his mentor, that person who you have mirrored, you encouraged and inspired you to follow this career, going ahead and taking your dreams the other expression levels, who this person is and how it introduced you in the art world?

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.For me it's my whole family, art teachers and my dear sister, Flávia Vizzotto, Another great artist in the family. But what led me to want to do sculptures was a visit to my uncle's painting workshop, When I came across a beautiful bust of a black woman and I was fascinated. At that time wanted to do sculptures inspired in that bust of my uncle, the richness of details and look so real. In addition to this in particular, He, My uncle, had already made a bust of my grandfather and another series of former President Kennedy, exposed in the American Embassy in Brasilia, at the White House, in Washington, d.c.. and with the Kennedy family, at the time, with Jacqueline. The realism of my uncle's works are a frequent inspiration for me. But my more contemporary vision has the direct influence of the work of my cousins, that in turn has its inspiration in the family and we've been taught.

You have another activity beyond art? You give lessons, lectures etc.?

I am a full-time artist, but give art workshops when I have opportunity, during exhibitions or the invitation of some association or specific program of art.

Its major national and international exhibitions and their awards?

For three consecutive years, I had the honour of taking part in collective exhibitions in CBB, Brazilian British Centre, in São Paulo, with great names of brazilian art and won three consecutive Awards. Abroad, in New York I attended group exhibition at the Brazilian Consulate, where I was asked to do a sculpture to be part of the permanent collection of the institution, some other conferences in the city and now at Ward-Nasse Gallery, in Soho. Participated in collective shows in Italy, Japan, Finland, France, Portugal, Austria and in the second half of this year will do two conferences in Norway, a in Eid and another in the capital Oslo, one in Rome and will attend the Carroussel du Louvre in October, but I hope there are more exhibitions, by Italy, France and Germany. I will participate soon in a press conference in Miami and sign three trophies of a circuit of art, the award will be in the Principality of Liechtenstein, in Austria. I have works exhibited in Holburn Gallery, in Scotland, Since last year. I am a member of two art movements in Italy, the "Centi artisti per il mondo" and "Pentastratisti" and I am a member of Artcom Association Expo, in Norway.

Arte de MeMé – Amélia Piva Vizotto.

Your plans for the future.

I'm still working and trying to innovate more and more, always maintaining a style, How about being single. I hope that in time the market could open the way for collectors and lovers of the arts. After all I think any artist's dream is to be able to live from their art, right?

Website: www.ameila10br.wix.com/meme-vizzotto

Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/MemePivaVizotto

Artcom Expo: www.artcomexpo.com/416977518

Centi Artisti: centoartistiunitiperilmondo.blogspot.com.br/2015/12/thank-you-very-much-mr.html




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