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Work Alfredo Andersen - reading correspondence. Photo: Disclosure.

Alfredo Andersen House Museum reopens after revitalization

Project received R $ 700 thousand of Renault's Brazil through the Paraná Competitive program

The museum that bears the name of the artist Alfredo Andersen is being redesigned to all its reopening on 7 of december. The project is sponsored by Ministry of Culture of Paraná (Seac-Fri), with resources of R $ 700 thousand for the Renault of Brazil through the Paraná Competitive program.

The building, located in the San Francisco neighborhood, historical region of Curitiba, It was listed by Paraná Historic and Artistic Heritage in 1971, becoming an institution administered by the state government, linked to the coordination of the State Museums System (Coshen) da SEEC-Fri.

For the Secretary of State for Culture, João Luiz Fiani, the figure of Alfredo Andersen and his meaning for culture is key. "He left a huge legacy. Great artists were formed within your school, which it has developed for more than 100 years. Therefore, this space is a reference for Brazilian arts ", comments.

The revitalization also included additional funds of R $ 25,000 donated by the Friends Society of Alfredo Andersen. The autonomous entity, which led to the then Museum Alfredo Andersen, is designed primarily to worship the artist's memory and support in various space activities. There are 26 years, Society is chaired by the great-grandson of the painter, Wilson José Andersen Ballao. "We want to honor all Andersen generations that have passed through the house. Not only the family, but also the directors, Faculty and staff, who, with dedication, They made and make the museum the continuity of the work of Alfredo, my great grandfather", says Ballao.

New House Museum Alfredo Andersen

This is not the first partnership between the State Government and the Renault of Brazil. Over the past four years the company has contributed to the modernization of the Public Library of Paraná and also with the Centro Cultural Teatro Guaira, which underwent restoration work for the first time in its history.

The resources invested in the Andersen Museum revitalization project, on the other hand, includes a new expography, visual identity and curatorial proposal that culminate in a new concept, the museum house. Thus, the new House Museum Alfredo Andersen (MCAA) appreciates the fact that there have lived Alfredo Andersen, worked and taught.

The new architecture while contemporary features highlights, also preserves the memory of the house. The project is signed by the team Ato1Lab, coordination with the architect and set designer Biba Bettega and designer and set designer Richard Romanini. "The expography combines shapes and materials that give lightness to an easily decipherable and understandable space, using contemporary techniques and materials, such as steel and glass. In this proposal, the Ato1Lab sought a careful dialogue with the biography of the house, seeking to highlight the memory present in the original construction details and expressive structure ", explain the coordinators.

According to the curators invited to the project, Adolfo Montejo Navas and Eliana Prolik, the expographic and conceptual remodeling houses a different aesthetic attention, closer to our time. "By the way, Andersen Museum not only modernises and restructures, but it is transformed in several directions, but also creates new focus of interest in overall presentation, in its visuality, aiming to strengthen the public's relationship to Andersen's work ", comment.

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