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Pictures of the flooding in the Museum Casa do Pontal. Photo: Disclosure.

Casa do Pontal Museum floods resulting from the construction of buildings

The Casa do Pontal Museum suffered this Saturday, 16, a result of the construction of flood buildings in your surroundings that will be used for the Olympic Media village of Rio/2016

Imagens da inundação no Museu Casa do Pontal. Foto: Divulgação.

Pictures of the flooding in the Museum Casa do Pontal. Photo: Disclosure.

Since we learned of the construction of a large real estate development in our surroundings, the construction of the neighborhood Ocean Headland, there is 3 years, We hired a consultant from COPPE-UFRJ to assess possible impacts. Is an environmentally fragile region.

The completion of engineers from COPPE is the Museum ran a serious risk of flooding, Once the buildings would be built, at least, a metre above the height of the field Museum, doing the rainwater drain region there.

The COPPE recommended us to leave the place where we met for 40 years. Given this, the City Hall, along with the construction companies, was to enable a new headquarters. Since April 2015 We have a land given by the city and a ready and detailed architectural design for the new space. But so far the work has not been started. We saw warning about the urgency of this work. We need this building to occur as soon as possible. This is a first result of the flood building these buildings that are ready and will be used for the Olympic Media village. The cost to recover the losses caused by the rains of yesterday are still being calculated.

The Museum will be closed to the public for a week to recover from damage by flood.

Images Museum staff on the flooding:

Follow link in the matter in which we warn about the problem in 2014:

Angela Mascelani, curator and Director of Casa do Pontal Museum


The Casa do Pontal Museum is the largest and most significant Museum of folk art in the country, It houses a wide and complete collection of Brazilian art, made by popular artists from around the country. Its collection covers 8 1000 and 500 works and is LISTED at the municipal level. It is also evaluated as undisputed historical importance, and has the main authors deceased. Their social action, education and research is widely recognized for its excellence.

Both the collection and the Museum's actions are awarded nationally, having received the following awards: Estácio de Sá Prize; Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro award; Award the State Government of Rio de Janeiro; Prize of the Brazilian Association of art critics; Prize Instituto Histórico e Geográfico do Rio de Janeiro; Order of Cultural Merit Award; the UNESCO certification; Rodrigo de Mello Franco Prize/IPHAN/MINC as best initiative of material and immaterial heritage of the country; Tiradentes Medal; Darcy Ribeiro Award.

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