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Cris Martim. Photo:Cris Martinm.
Cris Martin. Photo: Cris Martin.

Female protagonism in ceramic art show at Cafeteria Pató, day 12 March

A Cafeteria Pató, and CLN 407 North, receives new edition of

Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair

ceramic show utilitarian and artistic that circulates through cafes in the Federal District

In a mostly male market, the art production, in the creation of low or high temperature ceramic pieces, what is observed is the opposite. In this, it is women who are in charge of most of the studios and the creation of exclusive pieces as well as collections comes from their processes..

in the works, the eyes of those who appreciate them wander through soft curves that invite the touch. While the colors used, are mostly light tones that refer to nature. In the sculptural pieces, delicate creativity and, In some cases, mood that leads the viewer to a sense of well-being.

In the repertoire presented, if you have affection and, mainly, sharing. When there is an opportunity to meet, there are praises and a lot of exchange of experience. in collectives, mostly made up of women, knowledge sharing is constant.

join all this, the presence of some raw materials found in nature such as clay, the clay, the pigments, the sand, burnt wood ash. What makes this art a beautiful encounter with mother earth.

Paying homage to this mostly female art gains special meaning with the proximity of the 8 March – International Women's Day. In commemoration of this date of struggles for equality and female emancipation, the next Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair will take place on Saturday, day 12 March.

The place chosen to host this meeting is the Cafeteria Pató, a small artisan bakery, whose gastronomy is based on French techniques, mixing the ingredients and flavors of the Cerrado. Menu items incorporate grains, seasonal spices and fruits, in the quest to explore the palate to the fullest.

Participate in this new edition of Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair Participate in this second edition of the: Barbara Angelina (@studiobarbaraangelina); Cris Martin (@crismartim.ceramista) Debora Amorim (@ amor_im.ceramica); Felipe Laraia (@Seu Barromeu); Gabi and Deborah (@Handstand) Luciana Cosati (@luciana_cosati_); Rodrigo Machado (@sbarroceramic); and Participate in this second edition of the and Participate in this second edition of the (@ atelie.ara).

3ª Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair
Local: Cafeteria Pató
Address: CLN 407 Block B, Shop 17, Asa Norte – Brasilia
Day: 12 March, Saturday
Time: from 10h to 19h
Entrance: free entry
Parental guidance: Free for all audiences
Information: (61) 9.8654.2569

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