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Renata R. Corrêa e seu livro "Mais que um olhar". Photo: Disclosure.
Renata R. Corrêa and her book "More than a look". Photo: Disclosure.

Ophthalmologist draws inspiration from his patients to write an overcoming book

The literary work “More than a look”, from Renata R. Corrêa, brings representativeness and diversity when narrating the story of a young blind woman

Never before has there been so much talk about diversity and representativeness as today, discussing these guidelines was very important and this is reflected within the editorial market, where authors are increasingly interested in narrating the history of PCDs. The ophthalmologist and writer, Renata R. Corrêa, is one of the great examples. In 2019 she launched “More than a look” novel in which she tells the story of a young blind woman.

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The author was inspired by her patients with low vision, who attended over the last few years at an outpatient clinic for the visually impaired. The book was published by Editorial Group Coherence and addresses issues about prejudice, adoption, family relationship, friendship and maturity, and, in addition, brings resilience as a great example of the strength that exists within us.

Renata R. Corrêa started writing as a hobby in 2014 when he needed treatment for Burnout syndrome. Today, she already published 20 titles, between romances, novels, tales and chronicles, all contemporary and aimed at the female audience.

In “More than a look”, we accompany the protagonist Victoria, still very young, discovering that she has a degenerative eye disease that will blind her. She needs to readjust to her new reality, and in the search for acceptance, she begins to discover that she is stronger than she ever imagined.

Synopsis of the book:

Victoria finds out, still very young, who has a serious degenerative eye disease that will make her blind. She will need to learn to readjust to her new reality and still face other personal dramas, even questioning her feelings for her fiance after being attracted to another boy. In the search for itself, the acceptance that fate is sometimes cruel and unforgiving, Victoria will realize that she is much stronger than she ever imagined.

Get ready to be moved by a sensitive story, dramatic and sensual about overcoming and love.

About the author:

Weather in Pisciana, dramatic and chocoholic assumed. Renata dos Reis Corrêa was born in 04/03/1981, in Guimarânia, Minas Gerais, and currently lives in Uberlândia with her husband and two children, a pair of twins.

She is an ophthalmologist by training, voracious reader and passionate about writing. Incorrigible romantic, always tries to send a message of hope with his texts, highlighting the power of the female figure. Already published twenty titles, ten novels, among digital and printed books, beyond tales, novels and chronicles. Only on Amazon your stories add up to millions of readings.

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Title: More than a look (1ª edition - 2019)
Author: Renata R. Corrêa
Publisher: Coherence
ISBN: 978-85-5327-164-1 1.
Genus: Brazilian fiction. Romance / Drama
206 pages l R $ 35,00

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