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Show "Master!? Oops!”. Photo: Diana Wittkowsky.

Children's Opera honors the masters of music in the chapel Santa Maria

Works by masters like Ravel, Rossini, Pergolesi and Telemann will be part of the unprecedented "master mount!? Oops!”, It will be staged by Infantojuvenil Coral Chat this Friday (11) it is Saturday (12), at 8:0 pm, in the chapel Santa Maria. The play, It has scenic direction of Carlos Harmuch, make an arrangement of scenes from comic intermezzos, lyrical costume and scenic cantatas, in a retelling that revolves around the "master" and his students. On Thursday (10), There will be a rehearsal open to the public, at 3:0 pm, with free entry. The classification is free.

The Opera will be presented by 40 Members, aged 7 and 20 years, and three soloists adults, being a soprano, a tenor and a baritone. In just an act lasting approximately 1 hour, they interpret scenes from "the music teacher", by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736); "Arithmetic", the Opera l'enfant et les sortilèges, by Maurice Ravel (1875-1937); "Der Schulmeister, The Schoolmaster ", of Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767); and "Comic Duet for two Cats", by Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868).

A Quartet will accompany the show: the pianist and harpsichordist Tarke Ortigara, violinists Atli Ellendersen and Paul Hübner and the celiista Faisal Hussein. The guests are the soprano Julia Saggin (Member of the Coral Chat), the tenor Jefferson Pires and the baritone Claudio Biaggi. The musical director is Daniel Alexander, Regent of the Coral Chat. "We believe this project will prompt the public to Curitiba to enter the world of Opera by a door very creative and inspiring, that is the presence of children and young people on the scene ", Cristiane comments. The costume and scenic area signed by Carlos Harmuch.

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Opera Illustrated

Selected through the Municipal Fund of culture, via the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, the edict “Opera Illustrated-fomento 2015” reserved R$ 197.500,00 (real 197,500) for 4 projects.

In addition to the performances of "Master!? Oops!”, three others have already been performed on the stage of the chapel Santa Maria in this year 2015: ' The beautiful and Faithful Ariadne, 1 and operetta Marc ’ Antonio and Cleopatra.


Show "Master!? Oops!”
Dates and times: Thursday (10 of december), at 3:0 pm, Open Rehearsal Friday (11) it is Saturday (12), at 8:0 pm, recitals
Local: Chapel Santa Maria-Rua Laurindo Advisor, 273, Center.

Tickets: Thursday (10), free admission. Friday (11) it is Saturday (12), R$ 30 (entire) e R$ 15 (half)

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