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“The 5 Feng Shui elements and how to apply them at home” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

Thinking about the harmonization of environment and renewal energy in the home, one of the tips is to bet on the colors, objects and rooms, where we can apply the 5 the elements applied in Feng Shui.

The Wood element stimulates creativity, growth, vitality, health, prosperity and family. And we find it both in green and in brown, these colors can have a prominent place in your home, be with wooden furniture, chairs or tables, laminate flooring or wood or green pads, brown carpets and plants.

Water is great for environments that require enough concentration and require renovation and fluidity as in the home office or any area related to work. The ideal colors to apply these environments are: black and blue, by leather chairs, mirrors, mini fountains and rugs in shades of blue.

For those seeking financial growth and productivity, We have the metal to be introduced into the environment through the gray and white, to bring more lightness, calm and efficiency. And we must introduce it in ideal environment for entertaining friends as in the living room / dinner or integrated with the kitchen environments. A great option is to bet on armchair and chairs made of metal, frames, walls and carpets in gray and white.

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If you are looking for an elegant setting, which convey passage of time and stability. The best option is to use the earth element, by brown, furniture in the same color made of leather or wood, sisal rugs and ceramics.

Now if you want to have more motivation, passion, success and consequently recognition, its element is Fire. Red should preferably be applied in objects such as chairs, lamps, flowers, pillows or candles not charge for both the environment.


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