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São Paulo teacher launches children's book

Author Eli Bento writes children's book about a brave princess, involving bullying and solidarity!

The book “A Princesa Onça’ ’was published in March 2021 by Editorial Come to Narnia, bringing us a very exciting and valiant story.

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The story takes place in a kingdom ruled by a princess better known as The jaguar princess, for being as brave as this wild little animal, but she just got mad at injustices. Everyone in the castle is proud of her attitudes, for being empathetic and knowing the values ​​of a good friendship.

The author wrote this story inspired by her little daughter Valentina, which for her is a symbol of strength, courage, attitude and love.

’’ Writing PRINCESS ONÇA was so fast that even I didn’t believe it myself. The characters were inspired by my little Valentina who is often as angry as a jaguar and her little fish that bears her real name in history. People watching are great insights and interesting possibilities for the transformation of new stories. The production / writing process was based on the observation of force attitudes, determination and the feeling of friendship of a child and his passion for jaguars. Perfect match for my imagination rs. ’’, said Eli Bento.


Elizete C. Bento is a teacher of early childhood education and elementary school at PMSP. Graduated in Pedagogy, Arts, psychopedagogy, Methodology in Physical Education and Educational Practices.

He always liked to read to his classes, and before that came the desire to write the books themselves. Writing for her goes beyond simple words, it's an act of imagination, to travel in a world of fantasies.

His greatest wish is that both his children's stories, how much your tales, can touch the hearts of each one, whether child or adult, in this way, believes it is contributing to a more readable world.

Social Networks

Has an Instagram: @ eli.bento1, where he posts photos with his daughter Valentina and more about his book.

The book can be purchased through the website of Editorial Vem pra Narnia:



Author: Eli Bento
Edition: 1
Year: 2021
Genus: Childish
Pages: 16
Language: Portuguese
Format: 20×25

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