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Book "Almost Witch"" by Rafaella Marques, cover - featured. Disclosure.
Book "Almost Witch" by Rafaella Marques, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Almost Witch: Rafaella Marques debut book starts a fantasy series

First book in history went on pre-sale, while the author finishes writing the second

Rafaella Marques, from 22 years, lança durante o mês de março "Almost Witch", your debut book, que marca o início da série de fantasia chamada Elected by Magic. A obra está sendo publicada pelo Editorial Group Coherence, through the seal Plus+, and in the story the author proposes to narrate the most crazy and decisive journey of her character.

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Driven by the constant interest in acquiring knowledge and exploring other universes, the author started writing the story to 14 years old, but only now decided to focus on the project and has already announced a second book in the series. The continuation is called “Quase Guardiã” and is in the final writing process.

“The second volume will bring a lot of news and add a whole new layer of fantasy elements to the incredible world of Luna”, revealed Rafaella Marques.

In the story of the first book we follow the protagonist Luna, a young woman from 16 years, embarking on a journey alongside Damra, a powerful witch who will help you make the best decisions to discover your true identity and not be at risk of death. However, in this magical universe, she needs to have the courage to abandon her friends and family, running the risk of losing or winning.

The pre-sale of "Almost Witch" will be finished on the day 15 de março pelo Editorial Group Coherence. The copies are being sold on the publisher's website and will soon be distributed in the largest bookstores in Brazil..

Synopsis: Luna era uma jovem adolescente como qualquer outra. In vacant hours, when I wasn't at school, spent most of the time playing rpg. His life seemed to go on naturally until he received a secret message, indicating that within a few days he would have to make a choice. How it was a game, the girl decided to ignore the warning, but he did it without knowing that this attitude could result in his death. That's when he met Damra, a powerful witch, responsible for guiding her on the craziest journey of her life, and discovered that it would take courage to accept what fate was imposing on her: abandon your friends and family in search of finding your true identity.

Biography: Rafaella Marques is a young lover of inventiveness born in 1998, in the city of Jacobina, where do you live with your family. Enthusiast of the most diverse interests, have fun just as easily, whether learning a new language, whether developing a computer program. Law student at the State University of Bahia, loves to create fantastic universes, listening to good music and enjoying a warm cold day.

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