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Learn how to bring classic movie decor into your home

Style is composed by the balance between light and dark tones, voluminous upholstery and gold accents

Some people intend to put the property up for sale and do not know how to make it attractive and differentiated., in the face of market competitiveness.

Inspiration can be found in those movies that are available on streaming services., about princes and princesses who live in sumptuous palaces in foreign lands. These events may be far from the everyday life of an ordinary person., but part of this universe can be brought to the comfort of home.

the style of classic decoration is a good tip for anyone who admires the ancient European palaces of the 17th and 18th centuries and the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Classic versus minimalism, but avoid exaggeration and seek balance, alternating dark colors with pastel tones and golden details.

To get this kind of composition right, the secret is to pay attention to some features. The environment is usually composed of windows and doors with rounded lines and structures such as tall columns to give an impression of spaciousness.. Already in ornamentation, old parts, marble or solid wood and voluminous upholstery and rare objects are preferred.

ceilings and floors

The preferred shades for these parts are usually beige, white, cream and gray variations. The floors can also be made of wood in a light tone., on marble tops and countertops or on granite baseboards, for example.

Ceilings are often plastered, covered with yellowish-toned lighting, to give that aged look, but still very current and romantic. As seen in candlelit dinners, for example. Large lamps with golden details help even more in the ambiance.


They can follow the light tones already presented in the ceilings and floors or they can contain wallpapers with prints and small variations in tones., to bring something extra to the decoration. Some expert suggestions are models with a floral pattern or arabesques, carved wood models and drawings. the shades of gold, silver and other metallics are most welcome.

Mirrors and artwork also bring more color to the pastel walls.. To fit in the ideal scenario of coexistence between colors and times, it is preferable to use mirrors, circular or oval paintings and portraits that give the impression of minor wear on their frames, giving this idea of ​​a classic that resists the passage of time.

about the paintings, although most of them fit very well in the retro aspect, it is recommended to use the still life theme, composing the dramatic and theatrical air.

Furniture and other objects

Just like the mirrors and portraits, furniture that has withstood the passage of time is a good choice. The most used are heritage furniture that is elegant and classic., made of marble or solid wood, darker, thus contrasting with the pastel tones of the other structures of the house.

Some objects with more striking colors, like blue, green and red, can also be brought home, creating focal points. It is important to remember that they must be small accessories, not to overdo the color combination.

While the color palette must be strictly observed so as not to border on excess, in upholstery volumes one should invest without much moderation. Fabrics with volume and textures that give a luxurious look, like velvet, are the most recommended. Tables with bulky dining chairs are ideal for feeling like you're in a movie royalty.

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outdoors, such as balconies and verandas, some flowers can help to decorate the spaces. Clay flowerpots and other supports with twisted details and railings close the decoration of the castle to be delivered to the client with a golden key..

With these tips, your property for sale will be more attractive for those looking for a resting environment, a home to call your own for awhile; or, even,for anyone looking to establish a calm and comfortable environment within their own home.

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