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Limited Edition Series of SpARTakos

SpARTakos – Medium: Chromaluxe HD Metal Photos Panel


All of my limited edition metal prints are printed by an Official Chromaluxe Printing Lab. – SpARTakos.

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Why metal print?

ChromaLuxe HD metal photo panels are shaped aluminum panels where photos are applied onto via a dye sublimation heat transfer for high quality details and good durability. ChromaLuxe metal prints have an extremely durable scratch resistant surface, that is waterproof and shows extensive fade resistance.

These properties make this exceptional medium an excellent choice for spaces that require durable materials as in commercial, fine art and home décor applications. As for the artistic effect, the high-definition, clarity and depth of the work of art are beyond imagination.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

All SpARTakos limited edition metal prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), which includes details such as the original name of the artist, edição, size, printer type, ink type, etc. Every single COA document is personally signed and registered by SpARTakos.


All SpARTakos original prints are ready to ship in 7-10 working days, from Greece. Payment is usually made by Paypal.

Prices: (Upon request)

1. Anamnisis , Edition 1 /150

2. Cellular Blast , Edition 1/150

3. The Caryatids, Edition 1/150

4. Choose the Red Pill, Edition 1/150

5. Moment, Edition 1/150

6. After Colonization, Edition 1/150

7. Anchors, Edition 1/150

8. Hallucination, Edition 1/150

9. Tulip, Edition 1/150

10. Waves, Edition 1/150

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

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