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Choir Voices of Angola. Photo: Disclosure.

Show choir Voices of Angola in the theater of Curitiba

Convite Coral Vozes de Angola.

Invitation Choir Voices of Angola.

The choir Voices of Angola originated in 2001 and, today, consists of 10 Angolan University students, all visually impaired, which use music to communicate with the world.

Refugees from the civil war that ravaged their country for more than three decades, came to Brazil in search of better living conditions and in 2015, After much struggle, became Brazilian citizens.

In addition to the musical performances, they always share with the audience a bit of its history and count as is to survive away from your native land, their families and without the sense of sight.

In the eclectic repertoire, songs in African dialects, Brazilian popular music, Gospel music and his own compositions, Sung a cappella or with keyboard accompaniment, guitar and Conga Drum.

Inspirations: Salif Keita, Brenda Fassie, Papa Wemba, Awilo Longomba, Diá Kimuezo, South Africa Youth Choir, Black Company, Michael Jackson, Milton Nascimento, Tim Maia, New Clothes, among others.

Coral Vozes de Angola. Foto: Divulgação.

Choir Voices of Angola. Photo: Disclosure.

Among many events, in several Brazilian cities, performed: Auditions for authorities: the President of Angola, the former President Lula and the former Minister of culture Gilberto Gil; presentations, during 05 consecutive years, in celebration of the day of independence of Angola, in Rio de Janeiro; cameo in the show Black Pop Opera, in Curitiba; they shared stage with Netinho de Paula, Rational and José Feliciano.

Been on several talk shows, such as: Little mouse, Gallery of the mass, Ana Maria Braga and Caldeirão do Huck.

They recorded their first CD in 2004, entitled Hope.

Awards: Double in Hebrew Contest, in São Paulo.

Current formation of coral: Delfina Amarilis, Emilia Cussama, Isabel Yambi, Jacob Cachinga, Gennaro Sachilepa, Mauricio Dumbo, Marcela Mizelaque, Rui Kelson, Victorino Elima and Wilson Wood (vocalist, instrumentalist and Music Director).

Coral page: www.facebook.com/Coral-voices-de-Angola/ -113592682306030

Event page: www.facebook.com/events/868127309951815/

Event: Show choir Voices of Angola

Local: TUC-University Theater of Curitiba
Date: 15 th December 2015
Time: 1900
Genus: African and Brazilian Popular Music
Realization: The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and Maru Productions
Organization: Marcia Machado and Luiza Mueller
Support: Designer Center, Grupo Uninter and IBGPEX Institute
Tickets: R$ 20,00 e R$ 10,00

Show information:

41. 3321-3312 (TUC) / 41. 9203-2026 (Maru)


Contact for new events:
41. 9905-6229 (Luiza Mueller) / 21. 99732-7642 (Yuri Sardenberg)
E-mail: coralvoezesdeangola@gmail.com Social Networks: coralvozesdeangola

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