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São Paulo Naïve Art Salon, Stevenson Moschini. Photo: Disclosure.

São Paulo Naïve Art Salon

First edition in honor of José Antonio da Silva Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo – MAS/SP, institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo exhibits the first edition of the Salão Paulista de Arte ...

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Rio receives Art Open Doors, in Santa Teresa, in the days 20 and 21 July

With participation of more 40 visual artists and average audience 15 thousand visitors, edition will lecture Anna Bella Geiger and Sandra Tucci, opening with Coral enchants Santa and dozens of works in workshops, museums, galleries and cultural centers by ...

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Antonia Celia, Warmth (I). Photo: Disclosure.

Brazil In Focus

Artist Antonia Celia exposes his works at the Gallery 32, in London Recognised by your subtlety and elegance, the Brazilian artist Antonia Celia presents two works at the Gallery 32, located in London, Embassy in Brazil. The frames, ...

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I SAW HOW Salon/AIAP 2016 by Rosângela Vig

The art was never as diverse in their languages. For Painting, by drawing, the Sculpture, for photography or Digital Art, the artist expresses what's inside; the art makes it clear. To the viewer, fits delight ...

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Interior Design – Small Formats-Cycle II

The Interior Design, aims to give evidence to the creations of visual artists with a travelling exhibition, programmed for the year 2016. The technical quality was much noted in the selection of artists, among the guests who normally take their ...

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Interior Design Cla. Art culture by Rosangela Vig

The beautiful art can have a theme and get a standard size. Is the artist to explore in depth their creativity and for her transit, with your thinking, by means of shapes and colors. That was the ...

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V international exhibition of Visual Arts HOW/AIAP 2015 by Rosângela Vig

V International Visual Arts Salon SINAP/AIAP Organized by Cia Arte Cultura and curated by Paco de Assis, took place on 4 July, the V international exhibition of Visual Arts HOW/AIAP (National Union of Plastic Arts – ...

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