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See how to combine floors and walls

The floors and walls are key parts of building, house renovation and finishing, After all, it will be in them that you will walk and hang your decoration objects and position your furniture.

It is no coincidence that thinking about coating of these parts of the house is one of the most expensive when looking for and buying, much of this relates to the materials that are used for their production..

It turns out that when you build a space that you can call your own, it is normal for people to want to develop an environment that is comfortable and relaxing, that is, that space you can truly call home.

For this, it is also normal that many end up thinking about investing only in quality furniture, products that last a long time and expensive finishes, of course this is important, but many end up leaving something essential aside, to decoration.

Having professionals to help you decorate your home is as important and necessary as having a home alarm company that will bring more security and peace of mind to you and your family.

Many people still think that decoration is something futile, but only people who haven't experienced what it's like to build an environment in which the smallest decoration details have been well thought out think that way.

And speaking of decoration, it is normal for people to think and want to match the colors and textures of the floors with what is on the walls, which is always a great option for building a unique environment in the house.

With that in mind, today we will understand more about the importance of decoration, we will learn about the best types of flooring and wall finishes and how you can combine these two parts of the house for a beautiful and surprising result.

Understand the importance of textures and colors in decoration

for starters, it is important that we understand the importance of colors and textures in decoration, Just as we understand the importance of having a fire extinguisher company no market.

When we talk about colors, we refer to the tones that are used to compose a certain material and that can be used to decorate your home, and today we have floors and wall finishes in the most diverse colors, such as:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Grey;
  • blue;
  • Rosa;
  • Green;
  • Lilac;
  • Among others.

Whatever color or colors you choose, they send a certain message to you and to the people who visit your home, therefore, choosing the colors to decorate your environment is an extremely important step.

Imagine you enter a room where all the walls are black., it is normal for you to feel reclusive and to be more closed off. But when entering a colorful room, the climate is already different and you feel much happier and lighter.

That's the power of colors on people, as much as they don't realize, they directly influence the way they feel and act in an environment, whether it's time to do the power generator sale or buying a new car.

When we talk about texture, we mean what we can touch and feel that is not just a smooth surface, but from a material that has a different finish and creates a texture that makes you have new experiences.

For example, think of a baby skin, that is smooth and soft, this is a texture, different from the skin of a teenager who is having acne treatment, where the skin may already be peeling and with volumes of pimples, a different texture.

Floors and wall finishes also have their textures and it is something that needs to be very well evaluated so that they communicate with the message you want to convey through this environment..

Just as you are concerned with the correct installation of exhaust pump of your residence, worrying about the colors and textures of your floors and walls is something that should also be a priority for you.

With this, we understand that decorating a home is far from being futile, but it is part of a whole construction that aims to deliver to you as a resident and to your visitors, a great experience inside your home.

The best types of floors

Now that you understand more about the importance of decoration, of colors and textures in a house, the time has come to check out some of the best types of flooring available on the market that you can choose to compose your home. Check:


The first one is precisely the wood, which in addition to being easy to clean, It has a beautiful finish and is great for those who like and want a more rustic decor., reminiscent of nature.


And of course we couldn't stop talking about one of the bestsellers, the porcelain, item that leaves a beautiful and impeccable finish in any room in the house, besides lasting a long time.


A ceramics closes this list as one of the most chosen to compose the floor of houses, either for its beautiful finish, easy cleaning and, mainly, for the long duration it offers consumers.

These are just some of the different floors that exist on the market and are some of the most chosen by most consumers who want a beautiful floor., easy to clean and last a long time.

The best wall finishes

Now, leaving for the walls, there is a wide range of options available in the market for customers to choose what they like best. Among the many that exist, we selected some of the most consumed, check out:

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Wallpaper is one of the main options, because it has several options in the market and can be found easily on the internet, as is the residential electrical installation cost in a few seconds.

In addition to different colors and prints, you can also opt for wallpapers that have different textures, which further composes the environment and makes you feel even more involved with the process of decorating the environment.

texture paint

But not only wallpapers live on textures, paints have also gained several versions and adaptations on the market within the last few years, and one of them was precisely the creation of textured paints.

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Today, it is possible to find paints with different textures, be the granular ones, the matte ones and even the ones with a velvety finish, just do the tests in physical stores and see which one suits you best and goes according to what you need and want.

arts and decorations

And of course, the arts and decorations made by professionals in the field have also become a decoration fever., can be easily found on the internet as well as a transformer rental, if you demand a lot of energy for lighting your environment on exhibition days.

You can hire professionals who work with the arts and decorations that you like the most, in addition to getting your hands dirty and even creating a decorative wall with pictures and photos that are special to you.

These are just some of the many ways you can decorate your wall., whatever room it is, and besides leaving her with your face, still make the environment even more beautiful.

Tips on how to combine the floor with the wall

And finally we come to the tips to help you match your home's floor to your wall., simple tips, but that will help you in this very important process and that will make all the difference in your home decor. Check:

Combine os tons

The first is the combination of similar tones between floors and walls., that just like when you find a good supplier of industrial lighting room, for example, it's an option that you know will never go wrong.

bet on the contrast

Now, for those who like something flashy and out of the ordinary, the contrast between the colors and textures of these two materials will create a personalized and unique atmosphere in your home, drawing the attention of anyone who visits you.

Play with the textures

If color contrast is limited to tones, you can also work on the contrast of the textures and play with the most diverse, either with a wooden floor and a grainy wall or several other combinations that may please you.

Invest in monochromatic decor

Finally, monochrome decor is one that also never goes wrong, betting on floors and walls of the same tone help in the construction of a coherent environment that seems to have no end, because it follows the same tone from the beginning to the end of the room.

These are just a few tips that, as we mentioned, may seem simple, but they will already make all the difference in the decoration of your home and in the combination of these two parts that are so important to it.

Final Considerations

Thus, it will be more than possible to have a house with a decoration that is comfortable and pleasant and that attracts the attention of your visitors, and that brings rest to you even after a long day in a factory measuring cubicle, for example.

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