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Book sales increase in Brazil and authors create expectations for Black Friday

With growth in book sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, authors share their views on what to expect from Black Friday

Brazil is the second country where the most talked about Black Friday on Twitter, according to a survey of the platform itself; in addition, os dados afirmam que 47% of people would buy books, comics and magazines during the event. With the growth of book sales during the Covid-19 pandemic and the considerable data shared by the social network, authors created expectations with this year's action.

After major complications caused by the pandemic in Brazil, the publishing market has been showing consistent growth in the last months, according to the 11th Book Retail Panel in Brazil 2020. On 17 of the November National Book Publishers Syndicate (SNEL) and the Nielsen announced the growth of the market, being 25% in volume and 22% in value of books sold, and, comparing to the same period of 2019.

The president of SNEL, Marcos da Veiga Pereira, stated that: “The recent discussion on book taxation has had a positive impact on the industry. Society's reaction, represented by the petition #DefendaOLivro, ended up reflected in consumption. Clearly the Brazilian is reading more during the pandemic. ”

With positive data for a segment that has suffered a major crisis for years, national authors found high hopes of selling many copies during Black Friday in 2020.

Autores nacionais de diferentes gêneros literários

In the last 14 years only gospel books grew in sales within the publishing market, and it warms the heart of Larissa Pessoa, author of "If it weren't for your love" and "Perfect love", two Christian works published by Grupo Editorial Coerência. In an interview, she stated: “I believe that my stories are led by God, simply because it is a divine mission, and I hope that during Black Friday more people can be blessed by the narratives. ”

On the other hand, authors fleeing the Christian line find other ways to gain reach during Black Friday, whether in optimism or humor. This is the case of Andrew Oliveira and Maurizio Ruzzi, two authors with books published by Skull Editora.

In an interview, Andrew said he remains optimistic about the event and on his social networks he plays with memes. Already Maurizio Ruzzi works with humor and ironic: “I am multiplying my prices by 10. So I can give 80% discount".

All work with literary works of different genres, and through Black Friday discounts they look for different ways to reach new audiences.

The situation of national authors living outside Brazil

The writer Telma Brites disse em entrevista que é muito difícil vender livros na Alemanha, country that lives there 11 years. According to her, “Brazilians who live in international territory are not usually interested in works written by nationals. Therefore, I prefer to participate in biennials and literary events in Brazil, the results are better, even Black Friday. ”

Biomedical Vanessa Guimaraes saiu de Portugal e chegou recentemente no Brasil para o lançamento de "Butterfly kiss", your debut book. Only with pre-sale readers did the author manage to be one of the best sellers in Grupo Editorial Coerência during the month of October, and believes that Black Friday will be fundamental for its copies to reach the hands of new people: “Despite the recommendation of social isolation through the Covid-19 pandemic, I believe that I need to be in Brazil to have a better contact, even if digital, with my readers. If no, I will be forgotten very easily. ”

On the other hand, Aline Silvestri, who also lives in Portugal, manages to stand out on Wattpad with his stories published on the online platform, mas se empenha na divulgação do seu primeiro livro físico chamado “Angel’s Blood” que entrou em pré-venda esta semana. In addition, the author also believes that she will sell many copies of the anthologies she participated in. Ela e Vanessa Guimaraes têm pretensões de também atuar no mercado editorial português.

The big bets of e-books

E-books brought great changes to the publishing market. With the ease of launching a digital book through Amazon, many authors are preparing their own work and launching on the platform.

This is the case of Rachel Fernandes, that in just 2 days sold more than 1.250 e-books, e a de Natalia Moreno que costuma lançar contos com uma frequência significante pela Amazon.

In an interview, both stated that the flexibility of e-books tends to conquer the publishing market: "I believe that e-books have everything to win not only this year's Black Friday, but most of the trade dates ”, reinforced Rachel.

Beginners get ready for the first Black Friday

Os autores que estão iniciando no mercado editorial se preparam para a primeira Black Friday e a maioria acredita ser um momento muito oportuno para divulgar e vender os exemplares. Paula Barros lançou seu livro no início do ano, but only in November did he have the opportunity to hold a launch event: “I’m full of news for my current and future readers, my story is quite complete and due to the Covid-19 pandemic I was a little hampered by sales, but I believe that now everything will flow, Black Friday has a great power in the literary world. ”

Some beginning authors will no longer be able to participate in the event, as Luís Cláudio Pereira, which recently reached the crowdfunding goal it opened for the launch of “América Latina 2051”. The books of the first edition will be sent to the readers who collaborated with the project and others 200 will be donated to libraries in Latin America. However, the writer stated in an interview: “As I am new to the business, during this Black Friday I will analyze how discounts work and how the public interacts with promotions, i can't sell, but I can gain knowledge and experience. ”

Book production in Brazil has not kept up with the same growth as book sales, but also suffered no damage. A RenovaGraf, a graphics company dedicated to literary works from São Paulo, reported that during the Covid-19 pandemic he adapted to the new reality and managed to maintain production flow, and stressed that demand is gradually increasing.

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