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Dalton Romao and Marcius Lee. Photo: Disclosure.

3AW illustrates the agency's track record in the artist panel Dalton Romao

. Agency celebrates 32 years

. Artwork 21 m² brings images that refer to the history of the agency

Rio de Janeiro, 28 August 2019 – To celebrate 32 years of Foundation, 3AW installed to a panel of 21 m² at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, illustrating his career three decades, from its origin as Unlinke SMK to the present as part of the worldwide network of agencies 3AW.

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The work is the artist Dalton Romao, whose creation process is based on research, Using photos, cuts, drawings, paints and various elements which together form a visual interpretation. In the case of 3AW, Dalton illustrates the key moments of the agency through past and current clients of images, significant actions as the participation of the automotive market campaigns in newspaper classifieds in years 90, Unlike the change of the brand, among others.

With the acquisition of new customers and consequently increased staff, the 3AW started the year at new headquarters, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. To Marcus Lee, Agency CEO, "The panel also part of this physical restructuring, where we seek to show the DNA of the company, focusing on people and inspiration to always keep up with changes, but valuing our past ".

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