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Plot Academic Diversity. Disclosure.

Academic Diversity already has plot for carnival 2020

Earlier this month a meeting with the mayor Marcelo Crivella, President Riotur, Marcelo Alves addition to the board of Independent League of Samba Schools in Brazil (Liesb), It gave a boost in associations. The release of the grant of R $ 3 million for parades 2020 the Special Group's Steward Magalhães, It helped GRES Academic Diversity revisit the feasibility of participation of Party of Momo!

The meeting took place at the City Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, with several representatives of schools. The Academic Diversity was represented by 1 room master double and flag bearers, newly hired for carnival 2020 and the battery Director, master Maninho. The champion of the parade 2019 is already in production for the carnival next year and the plot is ready: “Porto in Porto, Pier at Pier. A trip around the world in search of discoveries, achievements and happiness. Craving a safe haven”, developed by carnival Actir Gonçalves and Nivea Marta.

The sketches of the costumes have also been designed and the samba is already recorded.

The Academic Diversity will be the fifth school to march on 23. The president of Academic Diversity, Deodonio Neto, It is already preparing surprises to the party soon to gain reinforcement for avenue. “The plot was very well prepared and we are very optimistic. This year we managed to take the title home to 2020 we also intend to excite and please the audience and the jury”, said the president.


The college is getting a makeover in its directory table and some problems that affected the school are being resolved. A group of people is taking illegal measures that are compromising the school. The college is already taking the relevant administrative measures to end these actions. The president, in exercise of its statutory duties, convened an Extraordinary General Meeting on 25 October 2019, a partir the 18h, Avenue in Paris, 335 Bonsucesso. The meeting will deal with on these embarrassing situations and the election of a new Administrative Vice-President of the Association.

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