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Amanda Aquino challenges readers in her new thriller “In the Eyes of Osko”

The writer's third work will be released on 27 of August on Amazon and competes for the Kindle Literature Prize

Debuting in literature at 15 years of age during Rio International Book Biennial, the carioca writer Amanda aquino prepares to publish its first mixed-suspense fantasy; “In the Eyes of Osko”. Engaging readers in a narrative with two perspectives that transit between two characters from the past and present, the artist competes for the 7th edition of the Kindle Literature Prize with the work.


“My writing has matured a lot, I knew how to combine the fantasy of my debut with 'Throne of Fire' and the drama of my book 'The Wizarding World of Jeremy Stumpler'”, todayAmanda aquino is 18 years and brings a new proposal in“In the Eyes of Osko”.

The plot tells the story of a witch from the past who, while suffering being burned at the stake, places a great curse on the Nameless City. But also, tells about a witch of the present who is on the run from society. “I worked a lot with the duality of the elements that I proposed to integrate in the story, Readers will be challenged to choose which perspective to trust.”, concludes the author.


Merging past events with present situations, Amanda aquino intrigues the reader with a story filled with dualism, narrated in first and third person,  which presents different points of view generating strong impacts on the course of the narrative.“In the Eyes of Osko” proposes- if to be a plot composed of important questions and that encourages the audience to decide who in fact is the villain and how far the main narrator can be trusted.

The story

While in the past, a witch cursed great curses on the Nameless City during its burning at the stake, nowadays a young witch lives on the run because she is wanted by society. However, when an aspiring bounty hunter decides to enter the Osko Forest in search of the fugitive, the plague of the late witch is activated, putting him at the mercy of dark days and awakening imaginable evils. Now the city is in danger and the hunter will need to undo his beliefs and join forces with people he never imagined to defeat the evil power..

The title will be available on Amazon from the day 27 of august this year.

About the author

Amanda Aquino was born in 2004, native of São Pedro da Aldeia, Rio de Janeiro. Study journalism, and is the author of the books Throne of Fire (Coherence Publisher, 2019), and The Wizarding World of Jeremy Stumpler (Coherence Publisher, 2020).

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From semper, sees in their stories the opportunity to escape reality, and of, through them, connect with people. In the Eyes of Osko is his first work in the Suspense category..

Author Profile on Amazon: www.amazon.com.br/Amanda-Aquino/e/B0BBHCCCST

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