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Poetic anthology unites Brazilian and Portuguese writers in the pandemic

Andnarrowing literary ties between Brazil and Portugal, even in the face of the pandemic. This is the proposal of the new poetic anthology “Viagem a Portugal”. Published in partnership between Bibliomundi and Filo Editora, ebook shaped, the work aims to take the reader, who has suffered from social isolation, for an imaginary journey with poetry that build images and reveal different cultures and experiences.

According to the poet and psychologist Gisele Sant’Ana, editorial coordinator of the work, the anthology brings contemporary poetry and tributes in order to bring peoples together, who are farther away than ever because of the pandemic. “We want reading to provide a pleasant journey of learning and knowledge, materializing this encounter beyond physical reality ”

– The proposal is to offer an international work of several hands with renowned writers, where each one shares a bit of his poetic look at the world around him - comments.

The work has 28 authors not total. They are writers from different regions of Portugal – like Porto, Lisboa, Braga, Vila do Vonde, Valongo, Montemor-o-Novo among others - and Brazil - like Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul.

How the idea came about

The idea of ​​the ebook came up with the possibility of the poet Gisele to go to Portugal to be able to follow the launch of this anthology in Lisbon, at the Baldaya Palace, and the Primavera Literary Collection, at the invitation of the editor Jorge Manuel Ramos, in which I was also a participant. "Then, the pandemic came and changed plans ”.

– Including, the preface, what do i sign, I present the book to readers as a real encounter that unfortunately did not take place! It shows that dreams can be postponed, but the readings don't! - points out.

Travel to Portugal
Anthology of Poetry from Brazil and Portugal - Various Authors
Bibliomundi and Filo Editora
Editorial organization Gisele Sant’Ana Lemos
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