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Learn to assemble closets for small spaces

For those who have a small space at home and still love closets and want to ride one, we came to give good news: It is quite possible to have a special corner with your clothes, shoes and bags, even with little space available in your room.

After all, there is no need to expect to have a large space available or even have all kinds of exquisite furniture and cabinets, or hire a home renovation company to build a beautiful closet.

with some tips, organization and a lot of creativity, you can create a closet totally your own to call your own. Therefore, be sure to check out the tips that we will give below!

what is a closet?

Before we go to the tips, let's understand a little bit of what a closet is and how it came about.

A closet is nothing more than a space in a house that is used as a differentiated wardrobe with several structures to store clothes., shoes, coats, handbags, Accessories, etc.

It emerged during the 17th century as a small private room for reading., change clothes and relax, a different room environment.

Nowadays closets also serve as dressing rooms for events and even places as party dress stores., spa, beauty salons, etc. But in fact the closet is a more referenced word for a wardrobe planned with a whole structure of organization..

In other words, women really love to see a closet, and many dream of setting up this space at home, even if it's a very small closet.

That's why those who have small spaces and want to structure a closet, usually hire a project management company to create a well thought out and planned space for this.

However, you don't have to hire this service to have a beautiful closet at home. Therefore, the following tips will help anyone who wants to build and assemble their own closet in a small space.

Remembering that we will also cover important tips for those who want to hire this type of service with other companies and professionals to assemble a closet.

Tips for setting up your closet in a small space

Now yes, Let's go to the main tips for you to start assembling your closet today, even if your space is small and you don't have so much money to invest in a renovation. Check:

invest in macaws

The macaws are amazing for those who want to assemble a fully customized closet in a small space.. That's because you can fill the racks your way, with the items you want.

In other words, you can put your denim uniform shirt price next to a hat and bag to complement a decor, or even gather clothes by color to create a visual harmony in the space.

There are macaws of different models., colors and structures to assemble your space. Therefore, before buying, make sure your macaw is:

  • From a certified supplier;
  • Structured to insert multiple items;
  • Of good quality;
  • Suitable to bear weight;
  • easy to be transported.

These are essential tips that you cannot forget when choosing your macaw., after all the higher the quality of your macaw, the more satisfied you will be with the end result when creating your closet.

In addition, it will also prevent the stress of having to change everything in a short time if the macaw is of poor quality or is not properly assembled..

Shelves are ideal for small spaces

Shelves are ideal for small spaces. This is a tip that really couldn't be missed for those who want to set up a closet with little space. By the way, It works both for closets and any other type of environment that has little space.

That's because shelves optimize environments and make any space more organized..

And the best thing is that the shelves can be associated with the cabinets, and so you can search for stainless steel cabinet price and look for stainless steel cabinets that have smaller sizes and cheaper prices. That's because stainless steel doesn't rust and looks beautiful.

Remembering that all the tips here are designed for you to make associations with other furniture and also have creative ideas to assemble the closet your way..


The niches really became the darlings in decoration, whether for large spaces or small spaces.

But mostly for small spaces, the niches are super suitable because just like the shelves, optimize spaces and avoid the need for large closets.

In other words, niches can be associated with smaller shelves and cabinets, and so the distribution of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories can be better organized.

Even if the wall of your house is made of marbled cement, which in fact is a high quality cement, niches can be suitable as they can be inserted without making large rubble on the walls.

hanging hooks

Hooks are also great resources available to create a super stylish closet and keep the small room more spacious..

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There are hooks of different designs and colors., and an interesting tip is to destroy these gains on a wall to hang coats and blazers, which are really very beautiful visually.

And the best thing is that they are easy to install on the walls., but if you don't have a drill or time to learn how to install hooks in your closet, you can contact a construction management service and quickly have your hooks installed.

Planned Furniture

The Planned Furniture are ideal for those who have a small space and want to create a sophisticated closet, because in addition to the refinement that this type of furniture provides to any environment, they are fully designed for the size of your closet space available.

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With that, you won't have to worry about errors or be afraid of having a compromised space., after all one construction planning and management company knows well how to structure these spaces according to the measurements of each environment.

And without a doubt, the benefits are many., because you can choose:

  • The color;
  • The design of your choice;
  • the size of the closets (with the limit of available space);
  • The handling mode (Open, close, etc).

In other words, there are in fact several benefits integrated in choosing to hire a custom furniture service.

Therefore, if you can make that investment, don't hesitate to do so. Of course, It is essential to choose a good company that carries out this type of project, mainly to avoid mistakes and frustrations with the work done.

That's why it's essential to research a lot for companies that make architecture works management before choosing and checking some important conditions like:

  • Credentials and Standards;
  • Good customer history;
  • Quality in service;
  • Employees specializing in custom furniture.

These criteria are indeed fundamental to ensure that your closet project has a good result..

Benefits of a closet

Now that you know how to set up your closet in a small space, know now what are the benefits of having a space fully thought out for a smart wardrobe:

Greater organization

In fact, a closet can help a lot in organizing spaces, after all, it makes it much easier to keep the space tidy.

Helps create connection with beauty

Have a fully thought out space to organize your clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories gives greater connection with beauty, self-esteem and willingness to dress up.

In other words, having a closet works as a greater stimulus for every day to think about creating a look, put on makeup and think of a look you want to create. After all, everything will be visually apparent and it will be easier to be creative when dressing.

Ensures greater space optimization

How closets are separate from the bed environment, they promote greater optimization and ensure that circulation is more fluid in the environment. In addition, the look is in fact much more sophisticated and promotes a greater sense of harmony.

Contributes to conscious consumption

One of the good things about having a closet in your home is that, how everything is visible, you can see what you actually have in clothes and bags and shoes, so there is no risk of forgetting that you already have such a part, and thus avoids impulsive purchases of clothes without need.

In other words, a closet helps to eliminate the feeling of always having to buy new clothes or accessories.

guarantees privacy

With a closet you can also get privacy when getting dressed.. In other words, in case your partner(to) be sleeping, you don't have to be afraid to wake him up(to) in the process of changing, get ready, choose looks, etc.

With a closet you can have this greater freedom and privacy to get ready and ensure good looks in your day to day..

Now that you know all the advantages and facilities of having a closet, start your project and say goodbye to clutter and lack of creativity when it comes to getting ready.

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