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Power Heart Book" by Rodolfo Berlezi. Disclosure.
Book "Power Heart" by Rodolfo Berlezi. Disclosure.

National author publishes book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Rodolfo Berlezi's debut book is a fantasy that aims to present questions about the end of adolescence and the beginning of adult life

The book "Power Heart”, published by Editorial Group Coherence, debuted his career as author of Rodolfo Berlezi. A obra foi lançada em novembro do ano passado durante a Literary Festival of São Paulo 2020 e narra uma história de fantasia que se propõe a levantar questionamentos sobre o fim da adolescência e o início da vida adulta.

In the story, we follow Krian Heart, a young man of almost 18 years, nerd and video game addict, very close to finishing my studies in a country town very concerned with kissing for the first time. With great difficulties in relating to girls, ele se surpreende ao conhecer Olexa, a mercenary who thirsty to free all beings, mainly those hunted by government executioners, like fairies and elves.

Inspired by his personal life, anime and manga, the author revealed a little about his writing and what to expect from the story: "I love to put a lot of action into the story and develop the characters in the midst of fighting.".

“Power Heart” was indicated to the Coherence Choice Awards 2020 como Melhor Fantasia e uma continuação já está sendo escrita por Rodolfo Berlezi.

Synopsis: Krian Heart is about to finish school in a country town, where the nerd boy's only concern, video game addict, is to have your first kiss, cursing himself for being almost eighteen and still having difficulty with the girls. Bored of the quiet life he chose for himself, and afraid of what will become of their future, don't notice that you have another option besides the university until you meet Olexa, a mercenary girl who battles against executioners, believing that all living beings should be free to live wherever they want. Together, they embark on an adventure in search of freedom, pioneering secrets and powers that can change everyone's life forever.

Biography: Rodolfo Berlezi nasceu em 1995 and grew up surrounded by online games, manga, anime, card games and books, always emerging in the imagination of these universes until you start creating your own at the end of high school. Graduated in Computer Science, seeks to express its internal agonies through writing. In addition, write what you would like to read in books: exciting fights like in Japanese comics. Power Heart is his debut work, which tells the story of Krian, a virgin boy who discovers a world of many mysteries, loaded with powers and epic battles.

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