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Good childhood memories are also in the decor.

Color, texture and sensory elements are essential items to ensure comfort and affective memories for little ones in the different stages of childhood

If we ask an adult about some of their childhood memories, certainly the memory of toys, of colors and room decor will be at the top of the list.


This is not just an assumption., because the importance that these themes have in the formation of an individual and his personality is proven even under the scientific bias. In this sense, the teaching method montessori, created by Italian doctor Maria Montessori, argues that the environments frequented by the child (during the first stages of life) directly interfere with their cognitive and motor development.

That's why, Parents need to pay attention to favorite colors, to characters and toys, in addition to issues such as height of furniture and safety. All the itens, together, can assist in the child's progress in various skills (emotional and social), as in the organization, sense of responsibility and creativity.


Thinking about how to build the dream room, Cristina Cardoso, architect of decorated apartments at Yticon, A.Yoshii Group construction company, stresses the relevance of the relationship between space and the child's life, and points out how parents can create these environments without the need for large investments. "Can't miss color, texture and sensory elements that stimulate children's curiosity and creativity, but, especially, that are within reach, because this feeds autonomy and belonging to the world”, explains.

Among the fastest and most accurate options, according to her, the bet is on the colors.Even if the base of the decoration is neutral, it is possible to bring many colorful references to the environment, putting the vibrant in small details, as in the pictures, on bedding and carpets. Experimenting with new pillow formats and room lighting can also make the environment lighter and more fun.”, Cristina comments.


An example is the decoration of the Malibu development (Londrina-PR), that uses neutral colors and pastel tones on the walls, furniture and decorative items.

Details that make the difference

According to the architect, on the walls, beyond the colors, it is possible to apply a multitude of decorating ideas, which can be changed according to the age of the child.

“Wallpaper and stickers are highly sought after elements for children's rooms because they make the environment fun and cozy.. Today, it is very easy to find products such as decorative panels with themes and figures in larger formats, that decorate the walls without the need for a lot of furniture or objects. Already thinking about a texture, worth betting on slatted wood panels, woodwork and wainscoting bars. There are still alternative materials that can be solutions to avoid major renovations in the future.”

One example is the use of wallpaper with neutral colors and designs., in addition to the use of LED strips, in the decoration of the Solar di Modena development (Londrina-PR), that accompanies various stages of childhood and even early adolescence.

lasting room

As the child grows, it is inevitable that the room will need adaptations to the new demands and needs, mainly physical. There, then, planning is required, whenever possible.

With this, even if it is not feasible to maintain 100% of early childhood furniture over the years, some furniture can be used longer. "The closet, for example, can be used for years if it is in a neutral shade that matches different styles of decor. Planning long-term changes helps in the perception of what should or should not be changed as the child grows. Thus, it is possible to save with fixed furniture”, comment the architect.

The same can be thought of for the bed., who, over time, can be changed only the headboard or height adjustable. In the case of the Solar das Laranjeiras development (Maringá-PR), the idea of ​​​​the space to store toys below the bunk bed can be transformed into study desks, for example.

security and warmth

Some precautions can and should be taken when the room project starts to be elaborated., how to place low sockets behind furniture and use covers, install window screens, rounding the corners of furniture and adapting spaces with padded objects that can cushion possible falls and accidents.

“A detail that ends up going unnoticed is where the toys will be. Bookmarks must be placed in easily accessible places., so that the child does not have to climb on the bed or chair”, pay attention to the architect. More on the importance of security, but combined with warmth, floor temperature is something to invest in.

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“I recommend using wood or vinyl laminate floors, that are not cold like porcelain and ceramic tiles. In case it's not possible, rugs and carpets are solutions to maintain the ideal temperature, as long as they are fixed and do not cause risks to the little ones”, finishes her, commenting on the decorated furniture of the Vibe development (Londrina-PR), such as shelves with rounded edges and doors with a handleless opening system.

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