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german corner: what is it and how to build one in your home. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.
german corner: what is it and how to build one in your home. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

german corner: what is it and how to build one in your home

A german chant emerged, as your name indicates, in Germany. It was initially used in commercial environments, as a way to optimize space in smaller locations. However, it ended up becoming popular and today it is very common to find it.

This style gained space in many homes and became a reference in interior design, being applied even in high-end properties with ventilation ducts, presenting quality content and much more expressive.

The more traditional German corner model uses a corner dining table on an L-shaped wall., taking advantage of this space to be able to accommodate more people with comfort and quality.

For this, an upholstered bench, L-shaped to follow the idea of ​​the wall, is placed allowing people to sit around the table, providing a special charm to this style.

There are fixed and mobile banks, in addition to uses in straight wall areas, nor the drum em L.

Normally, these differentiated models are still chosen in the definitions of the reform project, before the decorative objects are actually being applied, as a stainless steel cabinet.

In addition, the German corner may contain chests built into the seats, ensuring extra storage space in the environment, without taking up unnecessary space, being an excellent option for tighter places.

While on one side of the table is the bench, regardless of its format, on the other side can be chairs, allowing more people to use the dining table and all of its space to be filled.

However, on some more modern models, chairs have been expendable, making it an optional piece to keep the design cleaner, if there is no need to use these places in the environment in question.

In addition, the most modern pieces don't require a rectangular table, as the traditional model asks for.

The requirement here is up to the project, and the space the designer will have to work the furniture in the room in question. Even the shotcrete can be used in decoration.

Among the options, it is possible to use:

  • Round tables;
  • square tables;
  • oval tables;
  • rectangular tables.

The ideal here is to make the environment functional and beautiful, following consumer-inspired precepts and ideas. In this way, you will have a much better structure for your actions.

Before setting up the space with the German corner, It is important to be careful with environmental measurements.. That's because a disproportionate piece can ruin the harmony of the place and be uncomfortable for residents.

Therefore, It is important to identify the type of table and the space that will be used at the beginning of the project., ensuring more functionality when performing the building electrical installations.

The number of people who can sit at the table is also important., so that all residents can enjoy.

How to set up a German corner?

Setting up such a structure in your environment is not difficult, but it requires some fundamental steps to be able to fully explore this type of decoration. Because of that, It is important to know how you can work with this type of furniture.

In addition, It's important to keep in mind your possibilities., taking advantage of these resources to make the best use of your space, adapting it to your reality and without having to stress about excesses or shortages in a given environment.

choosing the table

Perhaps the most important step in the process of setting up a German corner is choosing the table. She is a key part of the decoration, and will be used as a basis for determining the rest of the pieces.

This means that, the table impacts the choice of sofa that will be used, as well as the format in which the chairs will be relocated. Although the aesthetic issue is important, the main objective of the german chant is its functionality..

This means that it must fulfill with quality its role of serving all those who sit in comfort and the possibility of interacting with each other, sitting in a close environment in your project as built, for example.

You can choose a table of any format currently, but first it is important that you have the space dimensions of the environment to define how you will assemble the part, especially if you want to use the L corner or if you want to make it linear.

If you already have a table that you don't use at home, you can reuse it to be able to modulate a new space without having to spend so much on decoration, thus helping your modification budget.

In this case, your only concern will be to increase the amount of seats this table offers, taking advantage of the sofa and chairs to achieve more quality in your actions, intelligently using this type of structure.

Use of seats

This is a step you can take to explore and work on your creativity.

The seats that will be part of the German corner can be conventional, but you can also work with different models and prints to create something unique, as carpet tiles.

You can fill benches with cushions or use comfortable chairs to create a pleasant and differentiated environment. If you are working with a corner piece, it is ideal to use benches that match the shape of the wall.

In this way, you can make better use of the available space and can make better use of this type of corner. If you want to invest a little more, custom furniture can end up helping to create a unique aesthetic for the piece..

For this, you can work with removable tops and even seat drawers, managing to store table utensils and optimizing the space in the house with the use of reflective glasses on the wall behind the bank, for example.

if you want more seats, you can bet on stools and beanbags to create a more fun and optimized space.

In addition, the design here is completely at your discretion., allowing you to work German singing according to your possibilities with the structure of your room.

decorating around

Although it is a standout piece, the German corner is still a unique part of the decor, and you must think about what will be around the piece to be able to have a quality space in your home.

Normally, this type of piece is very associated with more rustic decoration., remembering country houses such as farms and farms.

That's because many of these pieces use solid wood benches and tables, common in rustic decor.

However, this is not a limitation for the piece.. You can use this type of object differently and smartly when decorating the German corner in a more contemporary space, with touches of modernity, as a oriental decoration wallpaper.

Metal and stainless steel parts can help give a futuristic tone to the environment, combining the classic with the modern to be able to work this type of decoration with quality, ensuring a more qualified structure for your actions.

In addition, it is important that the environment is in accordance with your wishes and desires. Different styles, colors and prints can make the German corner stand out in your home, as well as other decorating strategies.

To complete or environment, you can work with decorative frames, blankets and objects that follow the same line of decoration as the German corner, ensuring a unity within the decorative effect and taking more advantage of this type of activity.

Lighting is a separate element for any decor, and it can be very important to present a more suitable concept for the environment with German singing, since you can direct the light to make the piece stand out more.

In addition, there are lighting models that allow the environment to be cozier and with a more intimate appearance, taking advantage of this type of action to work effectively on the design of the environment.

the pendants, style of lighting in which the lamps are suspended, draw a lot of attention and bring refinement and class to the room, which can be even more interesting with a German chant.

There are some pendant light fixtures that are of varying styles of decor., so it's important to know where to look to make the corner even more stylized and with an integrated structure.

Final Considerations

German singing is a very interesting piece to work, as it can be part of the decor or the key standout piece to make the room shine., being a wild card when it comes to decor.

The main element you should pay attention to is harmony. Creating a harmonious environment is essential for you to work with quality and be able to have an adequate structure for the environment, enjoying all the decoration.

Thus, you have quality space in your home, that can become an environment of common use with charm and style, making your decor more attractive.

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