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Barbecues on balconies gain prominence in compact properties

Leisure spaces inside the apartment are a differential for residents of compact properties for more intimate get-togethers

If there is a space that the Brazilian does not give up, even in smaller apartments, it's the balcony – area projected to the outside of the property structure.


Usually used to place a rocking hammock, small plants and even an armchair, but there is a lot of interest for one more item in this private space: enter the scene, then, the balconies with barbecue, that resemble a small gourmet balcony.

This option, until then, was commonly offered only in real estate in the garden options, downstairs, and high-end properties.


According to the director of the Yticon unit in Campinas, Kalel Costa Ayache, A.Yoshii Group construction company, this mod has never lost strength, but has gained momentum in the last five years, with new customer profiles. “Brazilians love to socialize with family and friends., especially in summer. Even with gourmet kitchens and larger barbecues in the collective space of the buildings, many residents look for space inside their own apartment for smaller occasions, intimate”, explains.

Therefore, the barbecue on the balcony is in, practically, all new construction projects, focused on the segment of the first property.


With about of 6 square meters, it is already possible to decorate the space with a table, chairs and even plants and flowers.

“The space is very versatile and supports different styles of decoration.. For better space optimization, the ideal is for the resident to make a bespoke furniture project, This way you will be able to enjoy every corner of the place”, completes the director, emphasizing that even the air conditioning motor can be integrated into the project, becoming, for example, bench for small decorative objects or, yet, potted plants or spices.

The barbecue itself, can be incorporated alongside a counter, with lid closure option, for when not in use.


“Gourmet veranda” is the one that allows you to install or already comes with the space for a charcoal barbecue, even with exhaustion above it, and a water point next to the sink. The "balcony grill", on the other hand, has only one water point accompanied by an electric point, that is, a socket that allows you to connect a grill device.

“This is an important point to consider when purchasing a new property.. Many projects deliver only the second option, therefore, the cost to equip the space will be borne by the owner. In the case of Yticon, the projects that have a barbecue in the project, are delivered with the finished structure.”

integrated balcony

For those who wish, one suggestion is to join the balcony with barbecue to the dining room, creating an integrated space. This means integrating it with the room next door., made from the partial or total removal of walls, creating a single larger space.

in this trend, the balconies gain new uses that meet several needs of residents at the same time: and this article is intended to, gourmet balcony, Dining room, zen space and even a new bar.

“To unify the porch with any other space in the house, be kitchen, living or dining room, the balcony needs to be closed externally by glass and have its floor level with the room”, explains.


In General, there is no specific law that prohibits a resident from having a barbecue on the balcony of the building, mainly in those that have original structure for it.

However, each condominium may add a different rule on this subject in the Condominium Convention, after the approval of the assembly among the residents.

“Our barbecue grill designs on the balcony foresee the dissipation of smoke through the chimney, preventing them from entering the apartments. It is important for the buyer to pay attention to this detail when buying the property.” At the moment, the barbecues delivered to the developments are of the charcoal model.

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