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Business photo created by peoplecreations - br.freepik.com.
Business photo created by peoplecreations - br.freepik.com.

How to carry out a modern design in your office

Tis about modern design in the office has become practically mandatory for companies, even more the enterprises that wish to follow the market trends, offering a sophisticated and functional space for customers and employees.

In addition, this trend promises to remain, as the design of a modern corporate office helps to improve productivity at work, precisely because it offers adapted and dynamic spaces.

In other words, much more than a simple matter of decoration, to business reform office space is also planned to ensure an ergonomic and comfortable environment, that will influence occupational health and, Consequently, on employee performance.

It goes without saying that the decoration and the layout of the elements influence the perception of customers.

But we know that innovating is not always easy. For this reason, today's article will bring some tips on how to carry out a modern design in your office. Follow the reading!

5 main features of modern offices

Over the years, corporate decor has undergone countless transformations, that represented a lot of the ideology and work philosophy of that time.

It was not uncommon for corporate projects always have a mezzanine to highlight the offices of managers and directors, which demonstrates the hierarchy of work.

However, it was noticed that these environments created physical barriers, which made it difficult to integrate into offices and increased communication noise. Therefore, among the main changes in the layout, the presence of open spaces stands out.

Of course, this was not the only transformation. To follow, discover some of the main characteristics of modern offices today.

1 – The color palette

Previously, offices opted for more sober and darker tones, as a way of maintaining the formalization of environments. Yet, nowadays what predominates is a palette of lighter colors, to convey serenity and tranquility.

It is known that colors directly influence human decisions and feelings, therefore, opting for softer tones is a way to keep the corporate environment calmer and with less conflict.

However, for those who work with creativity, some colors can help stimulate the brain, like orange, yellow and red. In these cases, it is possible to combine neutral tones with colored highlights.

Including, of office renovation company usually recommend this type of project, more "stripped", for advertising and marketing agencies.

2 – Ergonomic and modern furniture

Furniture is very important in setting up a modern space in your office. after all, they are responsible for much of the decoration and, at the same time, must be functional.

Currently, the preference is for articles that also offer comfort, since occupational health and safety are indispensable factors for a quality environment.

An example, is the incorporation of Charles Eames chair with armrest, that besides being extremely comfortable, avoids the common pain of office workers, como tendonitis, back pain and muscle tension.

The Charles Eames model is suitable for highly formal offices, but for environments that want more stripped furniture, it is possible to find equally excellent and quality models.

One tip is to check the swivel executive chair, because it facilitates the movement of employees along the work table, making space utilization much better.

Another recommendation is to incorporate glass and metal materials in the furniture. For example, a wood-textured table and black glass top, that transmits an extremely sophisticated air to the environment.

No caso do metal, you can incorporate it into the details, or even whole pieces, as a stainless steel shelf to archive documents.

3 – Minimalism

A very striking feature of modern offices refers to the arrangement of decorative elements.

The preference is for minimalist details, that is, without exaggeration of articles and coatings, giving priority to the functional aspect.

Thus, some tips are:

  • Use elements that refer to your business segment;
  • Do not overdo the combination of shades;
  • Give preference to smooth walls, without many frames;
  • Avoid highly illustrated and colorful prints.

In addition, be careful when combining very contrasting elements, as this can cause discomfort in the decoration.

4 – Living spaces

Modern offices are known for having a fully adapted living space, so that employees can rest during breaks.

In addition, we live in an era where there is a lack of interaction, for this reason, having a living area is a way to stimulate living, the socialization, outside which is a great space for exchanging ideas and experiences.

For the most stripped-down offices, living areas can be used as meeting rooms, even more for those who work in a business very tied to creativity.

Here, the tip is to invest in a more open environment, with views to the outside. Terraces of buildings, for example, are widely used as living areas.

It is worth investing in a soundproofing no environment, After all, for being a space for interaction, conversations can be more animated – and you cannot let the noise disturb the internal environment.

If there is still a need for more privacy, an alternative is to install glass partitions.

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In addition to being modern and matching the dynamics of current offices, they also limit the sound pass and, at the same time, offer a wide view of spaces.

5 – Sensations

Just like the colors, other sensory elements also interfere with office productivity. This is the case, for example, of flavoring of environments, which has been increasingly used in corporate spaces.

According to some recent studies on the subject, pleasant smell is able to reduce employee errors by more than 20% and, at the same time, increase productivity in 14%, improving the quality of the environment and occupational health.

One tip is to start with the bathrooms, that should convey the feeling of cleanliness. This makes employees more comfortable and secure, in addition to being a way to better accommodate customers.

Nowadays, it is possible to find several models of air fresheners, including with automatic activation. Thus, it is possible to maintain pleasant odor and comfort in offices.

Examples of modern design offices

To start renovating your office and transforming your work environment into a modern place, one tip is to be inspired by internationally recognized projects, that can serve as a reference for your planning.

Below, check out some examples of modern offices in the most diverse countries.

Sit down to Google, in Spain

Google is a reference in modernity – not only by the tools, but also for the work dynamics and the layout from office. Not by chance, the decoration was nominated for the award BD Architect of the Year, in the “interior architecture” category.

Honoring some traditional features of Spanish culture, with wooden arches as central elements, the Google office mixes sophistication with fun, to create an innovative environment.

In this way, employees have a very flexible space that is able to stimulate creativity.

The site is divided into two floors. Not inferior, you have a kitchen, while the upper floor has rest areas, massage rooms and games, following the company's stripped style.

Facebook Office, in California

Just like Google, Facebook is also known for changing work dynamics and offering modern offices, adapted and flexible to employees.

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the place has a futuristic and organic decor, with more than 100 mil m2 area. The interior houses about 2.800 officials, with integrated environments, dynamic and totally innovative furniture.

The color palette is very well chosen, mixing shades that stimulate creativity, together more neutral tones, so that employees can rest their ideas and stay calm.

The environments are quite wide, in the concept of open space, without large divisions that can alienate co-workers.


Modern design is increasingly present in contemporary offices, because this style is much more than a simple decoration, but it reflects the current way of working, in addition to offering a much more comfortable space for employees.

With this, the increase in productivity and performance is notable. After all, it is known that the convenience of employees is essential for the performance of a good job.

For this reason, modern design has become practically a must for companies that want success and want to stand out in the market.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.

er um design moderno no escritório se tornou algo praticamente obrigatório para as empresas, even more the enterprises that wish to follow the market trends, offering a sophisticated and functional space for customers and employees. In addition, this trend promises to remain, as the design of a modern corporate office helps to improve productivity at work, precisely because it offers adapted and dynamic spaces. In other words, much more than a simple matter of decoration, a reforma comercial dos escritórios também é planejada para garantir um ambiente ergonômico e confortável, that will influence occupational health and, Consequently, no…

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